Boneless, Skinless, Boring: Better Proteins for Healthy Lunch Catering

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If you’ve been trying to eat healthy at the office, you probably have go-to dishes that you can order from a local restaurant or find at the lunch catering table: a green salad with grilled chicken. A turkey sandwich — hold the mayo — on whole-wheat bread. A boneless, skinless chicken breast with a side of steamed vegetables. Bored yet? Here’s one solution: just say no to boneless, skinless poultry.

Don’t misunderstand: lean protein is important to maintaining a healthy diet (lean meaning sources of protein that are low in saturated fat, unlike the juiciest cuts of steak). Protein is essential to staying healthy, and the daily recommendations for the average adult woman are 46 grams daily, with 56 for men — although some nutritionists argue those numbers are significantly lower than what many active people should be eating.

But when it comes to lean protein, we believe that variety is just as important as quantity; without it, you might experience healthy-eating burnout and be tempted to revert to old office habits of pizza, burgers, and burritos. So if your healthy office lunches are stuck in a boneless, skinless poultry rut, it’s time to get inspired! There are so many more fish in the sea. Literally, in some cases.

hard boiled eggs with lentils salad

Eggs and lentils are just a few examples of diverse lean proteins.
Image source: Flickr user zemlinki

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How Business Lunches Featuring Healthy Fats Can Boost Workplace Wellness… and Your Brainpower!

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Workplace wellness programs aren’t just about fighting the rising tide of obesity, getting employees to quit smoking, and reducing health care costs (although those are all lofty goals). Instead, companies who have really mastered workplace wellness know that it is actually a holistic endeavor: it’s about helping your team be healthy when it comes to body and mind. After all, no matter how much weight you lose, feeling distracted and depressed will end up affecting your ability to do your job.

And while mental health is obviously a complex issue, there’s one very tangible way that employers can help promote it, right in the break room: share the importance of how diet can affect the brain, and make a point of serving brain-friendly business lunches at the office. After all, eating healthy isn’t just about your waistline. The food you eat can directly affect how you think, and how sharp your mind will stay over time. And one of the best ways to eat your way to a healthier brain is by incorporating healthy fats into your diet.

Yes, that’s right — eat more fat!

But don’t reach for the cupcakes just yet. It seems that certain kinds of fats are key to promoting good cognition and protecting your brain as you age. Evidence continues to mount showing that when we eat a diet high in certain healthy fats, we’re actually protecting our brains from long-term cognitive loss as we age, and even from diseases like Alzheimer’s… and even gaining short-term benefits like improved focus and possibly alleviating depression.

sushi takeout box

Healthy fats are found in salmon, tuna, and avocado – so sushi is a perfect example of a brain-friendly business lunch!
Image source: Flickr user RichardMasoner

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The Sodium Pitfall: 9 Ways to Avoid the Secret Health Risk Hiding in Your Office Meals

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You’ve probably noticed by now that calorie counts on restaurant menus are becoming the norm — and the more information we have about the food we eat, the better. But, new research from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (or CPSI) is shedding light on another health risk that’s lurking in many of the office meals you order from your favorite restaurant: sodium.

And no, sodium is not just something your grandparents should be worrying about. Having too much sodium in your diet, at any age, can increase your risk of kidney stones, headaches, and stomach cancer… not to mention directly leading to bloating and weight gain, thanks to higher water retention (talk about an unpleasant way to spend an afternoon at the office).

Spicy Italian salad from Subway

Cured meats & cheese are sure to be full of sodium.
Image source: Flickr user heroiclife

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The 10 Best In-Season Fruits and Vegetables to Supercharge Corporate Catering this Summer

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Want to liven up your workplace wellness plan this summer? Consider going seasonal on the corporate catering table!

With the Fourth of July behind us, we’re in the heart of summer — and that means that many of the tastiest, sweetest, juiciest fruits and vegetables are at their peak. Summer fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals, along with unbelievably fresh flavor (think of the difference between a tomato plucked right from the vine in August versus one delivered from a hothouse in November).

There’s no better time of year to treat your body and your tastebuds equally well by enjoying the bounty now available at local farmers’ markets — and that also translates to the workplace. Ordering food from restaurants and corporate catering programs that source their ingredients locally is an easy yet impactful way to make seasonal produce the delicious centerpiece of your company’s workplace wellness plan this summer.

caprese salad with tomatoes for corporate catering

A Caprese salad puts the spotlight on lycopene-rich summer tomatoes.
Image source: flickr user Mr.TinDC

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7 Delicious Ideas for Paleo Food Delivery at the Office: Looking at Options Across Cuisines

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The concept behind the Paleo diet is relatively simple: eat the food your ancestors ate. Fruits, veggies, lean meats, seafood, and nuts and seeds are all fair game, while grains, dairy, processed foods and sugar, beans, and starches are not. Unfortunately, while it’s straightforward to cook for a Paleo diet, dining out or ordering Paleo food delivery can be a little more complicated. Grains and sugars are practically essential items at most restaurants, which can make it hard for Paleo eaters to socialize during office meals or group takeout orders.

Hard, but not impossible! Here’s our guide to Paleo food delivery, so your dedication to eating like your ancestors doesn’t mean you have to stay holed up in your cave… er, office.

Basic Tips…

Don’t be afraid to make special requests! Ask for items to be prepared the way you want them, whether it’s having your vegetables sautéed in olive oil instead of canola or to have the croutons left off your salad. And don’t be shy about saying you’re on a gluten-free diet, even if that’s by choice instead of necessitated by allergy.

Our cuisine-specific suggestions here are broad ones, and every restaurant is different, so you may have to tailor your order accordingly depending on what you see on individual menus.

paleo beef larb Thai salad

Paleo takeout is possible! Use our tips to figure out what to order, no matter the type of cuisine.
Image source: Flickr user Krista

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Tapas 101: Take Your Business Lunches to the Next Level, One Small Plate at a Time

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Planning an all-day conference or meeting, and need a menu that will impress your attendees? Forget about box lunches, and don’t even think about pizza (even the gourmet kind). Instead, opt for upscale yet approachable business lunches to keep clients and colleagues well-fed and engaged during a day of long meetings: tapas!

While perhaps associated more closely with a wine bar than a conference room, tapas are actually a fantastic option for the workplace. Many of the small plates are easy to share and easy to eat, making them well-suited for socializing or working right through lunch. Tapas are all about a variety of small portions, so it’s a low-pressure way for people to try new foods without committing to a whole plate of unfamiliar ingredients — while providing a go-to conversation topic for attendees to discuss over lunch. And, if you’re an admin assistant planning a meeting for attendees whose preferences or dietary restrictions you may not be able to determine ahead of time, serving an assortment of tapas practically guarantees there will be something suitable for everyone at the table.

tapas buffet

Tapas are an unconventional choice for business lunches – which is what makes them so perfect!
Image source: Flickr user MollySVH

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The 5 Greatest Apps for Improving Office Meals – From Calorie Counts to Sustainable Seafood

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We all know the story: when you’re out with friends and want to find the nearest sports bar/cocktail lounge/late-night burrito spot, everyone reaches right for their phones. Someone checks Yelp, the bargain-hunter opens Savored, another pulls up Urbanspoon, the big spender looks up reviews on Zagat… everyone in our tech-savvy generation has their go-to restaurant app ready at a moment’s notice. Especially for those of us who fall in the Millenial generation, technology is the default tool when it comes to finding the perfect spot for dinner or drinks. But what about when it comes to eating even halfway decent office meals?

iphone foodspotting app for office meals

Apps and office meals are a match made in heaven.
Image source: Flickr user missmeng

If you’re stuck in a morning meeting that’s running long, and your stomach starts to growl, and your only window to have an actual lunch is quickly shrinking, finding a healthy, delicious, fresh meal might be a laughable thought. If you have time to wolf down a package of nuts from the vending machine (and maybe a half-stale donut from the break room), you’ll consider yourself lucky. Read the full article…

Liven Up Your Corporate Catering By Celebrating National Blueberry Month in the Office

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As far as now-ubiquitous food holidays go, you have to give the blueberry council an A for effort: the entire month of July is National Blueberry Month! And it’s hard to argue with this diminutive fruit taking up so much space on the calendar. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, blueberries are an incredibly healthy snack on their own, and add an abundance of nutrients whenever they make an appearance in a dish. That’s why we’re wholly endorsing celebrating National Blueberry Month as a festive addition to corporate catering and workplace dining plans!

Blueberries are the perfect workplace snack: their considerable fiber content will keep you full through the day, while their natural sugar content will also help satisfy your sweet tooth (instead of dipping into the candy bowl). One cup of blueberries contains a quarter of the vitamin C recommended per day, which will help boost immunity and prevent illness. Blueberries have also been linked with improving cognitive function and memory, as well as helping reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and lowering cholesterol.

pint of blueberries

Celebrate National Blueberry Month in the office – and boost your workplace wellness at the same time.
Image source: flickr user brx0

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8 Nutrient-Packed Pizza Toppings for a Healthier Food Delivery Order

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For better or worse, pizza is a part of our office culture! Pizza is the go-to food delivery option for late night work sessions, fun Friday lunches, and pretty much any occasion where you want a hearty meal brought right to the workplace… but, of course, it isn’t always the healthiest option for those who are watching their waistlines or following a diet of any kind.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way! It’s totally possible to order a pizza that’s not only lower than your average pie in terms of calories and fat, but that actually provides vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients that will help fuel your brain and body for the workday ahead. And while choosing the right crust — thin, always, and whole-wheat, if possible, for the added fiber — and ordering a lightly dressed side salad are the keys to starting strong, loading your pie with the most nutritious toppings is the fun part! We’ve put together a list of the healthiest pizza toppings available — and they’re not all gourmet products or pricey add-ons, either.

thin crust pizza with tomatoes and bell peppers

Roasted tomatoes & red bell peppers will add a ton of nutrients to your pizza order.
Image source: Flickr user Dahon

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Real-Life Advice on Ordering Healthy Meals from 5 Trusted Food Writers & Nutrition Experts

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Following “expert advice” on food and nutrition is tricky. With Time magazine’s recent cover literally ordering us to “Eat Butter” and a never-ending supply of articles on the latest cleanses and cold-pressed juices to try, it can be hard to parse out simple, applicable advice from so-called experts on nutrition and healthy eating… especially when we’re trying to navigate the real world of ordering wisely at restaurants or eating healthy meals at the office (rather than preparing organic vegetables from our backyard gardens or buying shares of a grass-fed cow).

mark bittman on a laptop

Mark Bittman is one of the top food writers publishing today: what does he have to say about eating out?
Image source: Flickr user Mike Licht

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