Corporate Lunch Catering in Stanford!

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There are plenty of times when you need to cater lunch at the office. Perhaps there is a big celebration on the horizon, and everyone will get a chance to cut loose. Maybe you have a major presentation coming up, and you want everyone to be in a good mood as you go over the previous quarter’s earnings. There is never a bad time to cater lunch, and with these restaurants, you also know what to order for dinner at home later. These establishments offer the best corporate lunch catering in Stanford, so see which one is right for your company.

try this yummy burrito for corporate lunch catering in stanford
Delicious burritos served with fresh mango salsa!

The Oxford

The Oxford is a contemporary gastropub. It couples fine food with a rich flair. The cuisine combines elements brought from the United Kingdom, India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Although those all may sound like disparate tastes, they all come together wonderfully. The Oxford has operated out of Sunnyvale since 2016, making everything from crab cakes to fish and chips. As soon as you open the container, you will get a whiff of grand, old London. It is the perfect restaurant to bring together you and your coworkers.

For a unique dish to bring to the office, you should order the British tikka masala burrito tray. It comes with 10 burritos total. Each one consists of chicken tikka masala, diced vegetables and saffron rice. All of this gets wrapped up in a freshly prepared flatbread. You also receive Kennebec chips and salsa to have on the side. This meal serves between eight and 10 people. You must order your catering dish at least 18 hours in advance so that it arrives on time. You have never had catering done like this before, and you will order again each time you have another event coming up.

Doppio Zero

When you want old-fashioned, Italian comfort food, you need to order from Doppio Zero. You can enjoy everything from pizza to pasta made from the freshest ingredients. The recipes come straight from the Mediterranean, and all of the pizzas are made in a wood-fired oven. Doppio Zero has a simple yet rich menu that always has something new for you to try. When you want to unwind with your corporate lunch catering in Stanford, then you must order from here.

For catering at the office, you should try to go with something everyone can enjoy. After all, everyone loves pizza, and you can order a round of pizza margheritas for all the employees. This pie comes with basil, fresh mozzarella and San Marzano tomato sauce. It is a simple dish, but it gets the job done. For catering orders, you must order a minimum of 10 pizzas. Each individual pizza will measure 11 inches in diameter. You must place your order at least 24 hours in advance. Along with the pizzas, you can also get side dishes and desserts catered, so there is plenty to go around.

Chaat Paradise

With Chaat Paradise in Mountain View, you can bring Indian street food into the office with ease. This restaurant dates all the way back to 2001. It was one of the first places to bring Indian street food to the Bay Area, and residents quickly caught onto the hype. The menu consists of an eclectic array of dishes, all of which come at reasonable prices. This is a great place to get corporate lunch catering in Stanford if you have vegetarians around the office. Chaat Paradise offers numerous vegetarian and vegan dishes, so there is always something for everyone.

You will not find a catering menu for Chaat Paradise on, but you will still find plenty of dishes you can order en masse to feed the office. One of the tastiest dishes you can order from here is the aloo paratha. This is pan-fried Indian bread, which is stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes. You will definitely want a few orders of this because everyone will want a taste. You also do not want to forget about the refreshments, such as the delicious masala chai, a traditional Indian tea made with cardamom, milk and special Indian herbs.

Cater All the Time With! makes it easy to place orders. You already have so much to do around the office, so make the next catered lunch in Stanford simple. Whether it is lunch at the office or dinner at home, you can order any meal you want with

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