Corporate Lunch Catering in Cupertino!

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How do you show your employees you care about their well-being while simultaneously setting them up for success for the rest of the day? You do not want your employees working on empty stomachs, so get them corporate lunch catering in Cupertino as soon as possible. Most noteworthy, the options around you are both delicious and plentiful. Likewise, the following restaurants offer fantastic catering options at reasonable prices. The best part is that you can keep them in mind if you do not know what to have for dinner later.

Freshly baked Mexican enchiladas are sure to please the office!

Naan & Curry

Naan & Curry has some of the finest Indian cuisine you will find in the Bay Area. The restaurant serves numerous patrons every single day. Once you see the bountiful menu, you will realize just how much Indian food you have to try. It specializes in traditional Indian fare, including chicken tikka masala, tandoori chicken and samosas. It also has plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. That way you can accommodate everyone in your office, and everyone gets to enjoy a first-class meal.

When you need to bring lunch for the office, you should select a few different entrees so that there is something for everyone. Naturally, the curry is the star of the show here. A phenomenal dish to try at least once is the lamb curry. The rich curry comes with boneless lamb pieces that have been slowly cooked in a huge pot. It is prepared with the restaurant’s special herbs and spices. For an additional charge, you can add jeera rice or butter naan for people to share. With this dish and anything else you choose, employees can enjoy a different kind of office lunch than they are used to. It will be one corporate lunch they will not soon forget.


For a different style of Mediterranean dishes, you need to order from Ephesus. This restaurant is a combination of a passion for food and simple creativity. Fresh ingredients are put into every dish from the marinated meats to the vegetable skewers. There is also an array of freshly baked bread on the menu. Ephesus is a family-owned establishment that offers numerous lunch and dinner specials. Additionally, The people behind the counter are more than happy to accommodate any corporate lunch catering in Cupertino you may have, and you have your choice of entrees to choose from.

There are several plates you can choose to feed your employees. One of the most delicious is the lamb and beef gyro plate. It is only available on weekdays, so it is perfect for corporate affairs. It comprises lamb and beef that have both been cooked on a vertical spit, and it comes with rice and salad. You can order several entrees to have out for your workers to partake in. They will love it!

Bravo! House of Enchiladas

Since 2012, Bravo! House of Enchiladas has remained a beloved fixture in the Bay Area. The primary focus at this restaurant is naturally enchiladas. However, it comes in so many variations, you will never get tired of it. All kinds of fillings are available, including beef, chicken, carne asada, cheese and so much more. It is a common dish, but it is presented in a new, fun light. Buy lunch from here for your next corporate lunch catering in Cupertino for a memorable meal for all.

All catering orders from Bravo! House of Enchiladas require 24 hours’ notice. For a solid lunch option, you need to get the family pack. While it comes with 12 enchiladas as well as rice and beans. You also receive a two-liter bottle of soda. It is enough to feed four to six people. If you have more people in the office to feed, then you may want a few family packs to go around. You can get whatever fillings you want, so everyone will end up happy.

Order Lunch for the Office Today

Above all, you do not need a special event to opt for office catering in Cupertino. It can be any ordinary day, and you can make it special with a delicious catered meal. Do not be surprised if your employees ask where you got the food from because they want it for dinner at home later. Lastly, place your order today from so that you can soon enjoy some amazing food.

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