Lunch Catering in Portola Valley!

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Located in San Mateo County, Portola Valley is considered the wealthiest town in the United States, with some of the highest home prices in the country. Therefore, it is no surprise to see that the town and the surrounding area have some of the finest restaurants in the state of California. Any of these nearby establishments would make for a great option for lunch catering in Portola Valley. After you have tried them out for lunch at the office, you can order them again to have for dinner at home. When you want to treat your coworkers to something special, these are the places to have deliver to you.

A fresh and savory curry dish!


For the best wraps you have ever tasted, you need to place an order at Rojoz Gourmet Wraps. This restaurant takes a modern approach to traditional Baja California cuisine. Influences from around the world can be found here in everything from the Chinese chicken salad wrap to the Lone Star BBQ wrap. They make for perfect meals for people with active lifestyles. When you are constantly on the go, which may be the case at a busy office, you may only have time for a quick wrap before heading off to your next assignment.

Rojoz caters events, but depending on how many people you need to cater for, you may be able to get away with ordering just a few wraps and cutting them in half for people to try. One premier wrap everyone at the office will love is the Baja California chicken wrap. This dish comes with marinated meat and plenty of melted Baja white cheese. It also features homemade guacamole, Roma tomato salsa and Aztec rice. With such rich flavors, you will not be able to put this down. You will definitely want to have a few of these if you are catering for a big party.

Chaats and Currys

Established in 2010, Chaats and Currys has been serving tasty Indian cuisine to the Bay Area for a while now. From mouthwatering kebabs to delicious naan, you have plenty of options. Once you take your first bite, you will see why people around Sunnyvale keep coming back. Many of the customers appreciate the rich curries on the menu, and there are always daily specials to look into. With rich flavors always on hand, this is one option for corporate lunch catering in Portola Valley that is a little outside of the box but will be a welcome change of pace.

Numerous catering trays are available. For something everyone will enjoy, you should order the butter chicken tray. It has delicious boneless tandoori chicken that has been simmering in a tasty tomato cream sauce. It cooks alongside various spices, cloves and cinnamon for a rich, decadent flavor. Each tray is able to feed 10 people, so plan accordingly. It may not be what people are used to with office catering, but your coworkers will love it all the same.


Angelica’s is the place to go when you want a fun night on the town. The restaurant itself hosts various events, including live bands and murder mystery dinners. However, you can also order from this establishment when you want delivery or catering. The food is always the main attraction, and you can treat your fellow employees to delicious European, Latin American and Mediterranean cuisine. Companies as big as Facebook have hired this company to cater to them.

Sandwiches make for great corporate lunch catering in Portola Valley. You have several options available, and you will definitely want to make sure the portobella brie sandwich is part of the mix. This sandwich comes with roasted garlic aioli, roasted bell pepper and spinach served on a rosemary ciabatta bread. Like with the wraps, you can cut the sandwiches in half so that they can feed more people at the office.

Place Your Catering Order Well in Advance

For lunch catering in Portola Valley, you need to have your back. Lunch around the office will never be better, and once the event is over, everyone will be re-energized to get back to work. Order tasty meals with just a few clicks of a button. Now you also know where to get lunch or dinner at home on the weekends with ease.

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