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Mountain View is home to many technology-based companies. Whether you work for one of these organizations or somewhere else entirely, you may feel like treating your fellow workers to a fantastic lunch once in a while. You can really make it an occasion to celebrate by ordering corporate catering in Mountain View from a well-respected restaurant. As you look through the catering menu, you may find other items to order for yourself later for dinner at home. There are plenty of tasty options near you, and the following establishments are just the tip of the iceberg.

Feed the office with these sumptuous lunch platters!

Best Desi Pizza

Everyone loves pizza, and you can bring a big pie to your office with the help of Best Desi Pizza. There are plenty of pizzas to find here from old classics to new twists. Many of the options have an Indian flair. From tandoori chicken to chili paneer, there are pizzas you may have never tried before. However, once you take a bite, you will find yourself ordering from Best Desi Pizza time and time again to get another taste. There are even vegan options if you have people around the office who abide by that lifestyle.

You can order several pizzas to have delivered to your office. That should be enough to feed everyone, and you can select several different varieties. Make a splash by making one of your options the chaat vegetarian pizza. It comes with a ton of toppings, including yellow squash, red onions, spinach, green chilies, tomatoes, cilantro and a special chaat sauce. The sauce is made from mangoes, mint, cilantro, cashews, almonds and lime. All of these disparate flavors come together to create something truly unique, and you will definitely want a bite sooner rather than later.

Amber India

Amber India is situated in San Jose, surrounded by the vibrant scenery. You can bring some of that class and sophistication to you thanks to corporate lunch catering in Mountain View. Since 1994, the restaurant has set the standard in the Bay Area for what is possible with Indian cuisine. The menu features inspired dishes that draw from both traditional and modern influences, resulting in a one-of-a-kind menu. The restaurant is chef-driven, and you can taste the commitment in every bite.

While Amber India does not have a catering menu per se, you can still order several entrees to be delivered to your work. There will be enough for everyone, and you get a chance to have a little taste of everything. One dish you definitely want to have at your next corporate event is the peshawari chicken tikka. It consists of tiny chicken morsels that have been marinated in delectable Lahori spices. It is incredibly juicy and tasty, and it will still be sizzling when it reaches your office. Make sure you also have plenty of naan, paratha and pappad to go with your meal.

Cafe Nur

Mediterranean cuisine has emerged in the Bay Area in a big way with the emergence of Cafe Nur. This restaurant has been open since 2002 and has perfected the art of crafting delicious meals served with incredible sauces and dressings. The menu constantly evolves, so make sure to check back often to see what else has been added to its offerings.

When you need to feed at least 10 people, you should look at Cafe Nur’s catering menu. You have several options at your disposal, but one choice that is always sure to be a crowd pleaser is the chicken gyros plate. With this option, you receive enough chicken gyro to feed 10 people, and it also comes with pita bread, Greek salad and rice. The chicken gyros are made fresh, and considering how much you get for the price, it truly is a great deal. This should be plenty to keep your coworkers full and happy, but you may want to look at ordering a few extra sides if you have some voracious eaters in your office.

Order Catering for Your Next Big Office Party

Plenty of restaurants have your back when it comes to catering. Keep these places in mind the next time you need corporate lunch catering in Mountain View. Wherever you order from, your food will be prepared fresh, and you can expect the same quality when you order from any of these places for dinner at home. ensures you receive your food in a timely fashion, so order food for the office today.

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