Tapas 101: Take Your Business Lunches to the Next Level, One Small Plate at a Time

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Planning an all-day conference or meeting, and need a menu that will impress your attendees? Forget about box lunches, and don’t even think about pizza (even the gourmet kind). Instead, opt for upscale yet approachable business lunches to keep clients and colleagues well-fed and engaged during a day of long meetings: tapas!

While perhaps associated more closely with a wine bar than a conference room, tapas are actually a fantastic option for the workplace. Many of the small plates are easy to share and easy to eat, making them well-suited for socializing or working right through lunch. Tapas are all about a variety of small portions, so it’s a low-pressure way for people to try new foods without committing to a whole plate of unfamiliar ingredients — while providing a go-to conversation topic for attendees to discuss over lunch. And, if you’re an admin assistant planning a meeting for attendees whose preferences or dietary restrictions you may not be able to determine ahead of time, serving an assortment of tapas practically guarantees there will be something suitable for everyone at the table.

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Tapas are an unconventional choice for business lunches – which is what makes them so perfect!
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So what, exactly, are tapas — and which specific dishes should you feature at your future upscale business lunches? Here’s our take on Tapas 101:

Tapas Basics

Tapas are both Spanish and practical in origin — the word literally means “lid” or “cover”, and legend has it that the first tapas were slices of bread or ham that were given to sherry drinkers at Andalusian bars so they could protect their glasses from fruit flies. Today, tapas are essentially small plates of drinking food, although they’re just as delicious at an alcohol-free lunch as an after-work happy hour. And while bread and ham are still served in many tapas bars, the modern-day variety is considerably more diverse: cheese, vegetables, seafood, and meat of all kinds make up many small plates. Tapas can be ordered from traditional Spanish establishments as well as many Latin American restaurants.

Essential Traditional Tapas

Tapas now come in all shapes and sizes, thanks to the “small plates” trend in contemporary dining. But if you want to go traditional, here are some of the most delivery-friendly tapas to choose from:

Aceitunas The quintessential appetizer, a few bowls of lightly marinated olives will make a unique choice for a pre-lunch snack on your meeting day!

Jamon Thin slices of ham are classic tapas. Serrano ham is delicious, but if you really want to impress, spring for the pricier Iberico.

Queso manchego Serve Spanish manchego cheese alongside slices of good bread.

Tortilla Espanola Nothing like the tortilla you may be picturing, this “Spanish omelette” consists of eggs, potatoes, and onions.

Boquerones en vinagre A plate of anchovies marinated in vinegar, olive oil, and garlic may not be for everyone, but tapas purists would be aghast if your spread didn’t include boquerones.

Albondigas en salas Pork and beef meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce will ensure those who shy away from anchovies still have a savory protein to enjoy!

Paella This heartier plate is a slowly-simmered stew of rice, seafood, and chorizo seasoned with a heavy dose of saffron. Paella can function as a traditional “main dish” for bigger appetites.

Gazpacho A cold tomato soup, this is a particularly refreshing choice for summer occasions.

Tapas may be an unconventional choice for business lunches, but you’ll certainly make an impression on attendees! For a memorable meal with minimal fuss, contact our team at Waiter.com today!

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