Admin Assistance: Summer Soups to Take Your Food Delivery Order Up a Notch

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When you’re a busy admin in charge of ordering group food delivery orders for the office, it can get tricky keeping things fresh and engaging. Especially when planning a business lunch for clients or arranging a special employee appreciation meal, it’s important to serve food that feels a little out of the ordinary — which means it’s time to think beyond predictable choices like pizzas, burritos, and box lunches.

watermelon soup with pine nuts

Chilled melon soup is an incredibly refreshing and healthy start to lunch.
Image source: Flickr user cyclonebill

One way to liven up the lunch table and grab the attention of the guests of honor is to start the occasion with a summery soup. Chilled soups are refreshing, delicious, and most importantly, unexpected — the perfect way to set the tone that this lunch is something special!

Of course, not all summer soups are created equal — some are light and healthy, some are buttery and indulgent, and some are better suited for more adventurous diners. Here’s our guide to some of the most popular summer soups to take your food delivery order to the next level:

Traditional gazpacho

Gazpacho is probably the most iconic summer soup and has been around for hundreds of years. A chilled soup hailing from the southern regions of Spain, like many delicious “peasant” foods, gazpacho was invented as a way to use up easily accessible, often just-past-their-prime ingredients. Stale bread is blended with abundant local produce, like tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers, and olive oil. Spanish farmers have long appreciated a refreshing bowl of chilled gazpacho on hot summer days — and it still makes a wonderfully light and flavorful lunch, even for office-bound workers.

cup of gazpacho

Gazpacho is the classic summer soup: chilled, tomatoey, and refreshing.
Image source: Flickr user cyclone bill

White gazpacho

Also Spanish and served chilled, white gazpacho is often called “ajo blanco” – white garlic. Blanched almonds, garlic, bread, olive oil, cucumbers, grapes, and shallot — along with sherry vinegar — are the traditional ingredients. Gazpacho is also used as a general term for a light, chilled soup, and you’re likely to find all kinds of variations on gazpachos on restaurant menus… but many will have very little in common with the two predominant Spanish versions, the tomatoey red and the garlicky white.

Melon soup

One of the most refreshing options on this list, chilled melon soup may not be hearty enough for your entire lunch, but it’s a wonderful way to start a meal. Cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew — all are fair game, and if you spot a melon soup studded with prosciutto or crab, then you actually may not need that half-sandwich alongside after all.


Disclaimer: not all chilled soups are light and refreshing. When you want a heartier summer soup, look no further than vichyssoise. Potatoes, leeks, and cream are blended into an ultra-smooth, ultra-rich soup that is traditionally served chilled. Commonly thought to be created at an American restaurant by a French chef, this may not be the healthiest soup on the list, but it’s certainly a delicious addition to a catering table.

three cups of vichyssoise

Vichyssoise isn’t the lightest summer soup, but it’s certainly delicious.
Image source: Flickr user Amy Glaze

Chilled corn chowder

When fresh sweet corn is cooked down with butter then blended into a creamy soup, it’s absolutely delicious. When it’s served cold, it’s amazingly refreshing. And if you find a popular summertime twist on New England clam chowder on a food delivery menu — chilled corn chowder with lobster — order an extra cup to tuck in the fridge for tomorrow, because you’ll definitely be craving it again soon!


If you’re ordering for a group food delivery order, we do suggest you make sure everyone likes beets before adding this summery soup to your meal. Pureed beets topped with a dollop of sour cream is a Russian classic, but the purple soup might be a bit tricky to serve if there are picky eaters in the office.

bowl of borscht

Borscht is a rich beet soup served with sour cream.
Image source: Flickr user liz west

Best of all? Summery soups are usually easy to order and store in the office fridge (without losing any quality or freshness) when you might need to have your lunch ready and waiting. When you’re looking for a way to liven up your lunch menus, you’re sure to find inspiration by browsing the abundant menus available for delivery from! Summery soups, hearty salads, and cuisine from around the globe are just a few clicks away — making a year-round lifesaver for busy admins like you!

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