Why Your Office Should Celebrate National Eat a Peach Day!

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Does any fruit signal summer more than the peach? Plump and juicy and sweet — and they never taste better than during their peak, which is happening right now. Summer may be winding down, but isn’t over yet – August is National Peach Month, and today just happens to be National Eat a Peach Day! And there’s good reason to celebrate as you plan out your workday snacks and office meals. Peaches aren’t just juicy and delicious: they’re a very healthy fruit. One large peach only has about 70 calories (and less than half a gram of fat) and contains nearly 20% of your recommended daily dose of vitamin C. You’ll also find approximately 10% of your daily recommended potassium, fiber, and vitamin A — and a bit of iron and magnesium for good measure!

peach sliced in half

Celebrate Eat a Peach Day on August 22!
Image source: Flickr user calliope

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6 Amazing Bean Dishes That Deserve a Spot in Your Food Delivery Routine

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Want to eat healthier lunches at the office? Wish you could feel fuller during the workday? Looking to observe Meatless Monday (or a meatless lifestyle)? Simply feeling stuck in a rut with your usual food delivery order at the office?

The answer is beans.

Yes, beans — the underrated, overlooked, and downright mocked legume could actually be the secret superfood that can make your office lunches more nutritious, more flavorful, and vegetarian-friendly. Beans are packed with fiber, which is digested slowly, meaning you’ll feel fuller for longer periods of time after eating. They are also rich in protein, the essential component of a satisfying (and nourishing) meal. And they can substitute for meat in an awful lot of dishes for complete and healthy vegetarian meals.

harira moroccan stew for food delivery

Harira is a traditional Moroccan stew made with chickpeas.
Image source: Flickr user beckayork

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Another Reason to Invest in Healthy Company Catering: New Study Finds Eating Vegetables Linked to Well-Being & Creativity

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Want to cultivate creativity, a sense of purpose, and meaning in your employees? Then start serving more fruits and vegetables on the company catering table.

Yes, really. Fruits and vegetables. A new study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology found that eating higher amounts of fruits and veggies was associated with higher levels of curiosity, creativity, and eudaemonic well-being (more on what in the world that means in a minute). For thirteen days, over 400 young adults recorded everything they ate in an online food diary, and reported on certain aspects of their state of mind. Overall, participants who ate more fruits and vegetables reported greater feelings of well-being, curiosity, and creativity; and on an individual, day-to-day basis, people felt better on days that ate more fruits and vegetables compared to days when they ate fewer.

happy carrot with a smile company catering

Do vegetables contain the secret to a meaningful life?
Image source: Flickr user kyntharyn74

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Globally-Inspired Office Lunches to Celebrate National Potato Day – No French Fries Allowed

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Forget the French fries, and put away the potato chips: it’s time to celebrate America’s favorite vegetable, but in an international fashion! Today is National Potato Day, and don’t roll your eyes at yet another made-up food holiday. Rather, think of today as an opportunity to break out of the humdrum routine of office lunches: burgers and fries, sandwiches and chips- all perfectly respectable ways to enjoy potatoes, but also utterly predictable. Instead, celebrate National Potato Day with one of the following delicious, potato-based dishes from around the globe. Get inspired to give the humble spud a fresh look, and liven up your lunch break while you’re at it. After all, couldn’t your work day use a little celebration?

potato gnocchi

Celebrate National Potato Day in style with an unexpected dish – like gnocchi.
Image source: Flickr user diekatrin

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Beat Stress, Eat Healthy Office Meals: 8 Steps to Recover from Your Summer Vacation

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Sipping margaritas by the pool, heading out for happy hour at the trendiest bars, enjoying a mimosa (or two) with a brunch buffet: does this sound like how you spent your summer vacation?

If you’re like most of us, you let yourself indulge while you’re traveling – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing so. The point of vacation is to relax, after all, and enjoy every well-earned minute of your time away from the daily grind of work. But when you head back to the office, it can be hard to get back your regular, healthy routine. Good habits are hard to form, but easy to break… and so you may find it more difficult to pass on more tempting office meals – like pizza and cupcakes in the break room – after a week of eating whatever you like.

office meals don't include a margarita by the pool

Good-bye margarita, hello to the daily grind – and your healthy office routine.
Image source: Flickr user smadden

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Is Mindful Eating the Secret to Healthier Office Meals? Google (and Harvard) Seem to Think So

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Yesterday I violated my own advice on healthy office meals, and had a working lunch right at my desk. I had a lengthy email that I’d been putting off writing, so I sat down with my bowl of leftover Pad Thai, a dish I’d been looking forward to all morning (lunchtime even came a little earlier than normal since I was so eager). I took a delicious first bite, and started writing. And just before I hit “send,” I stuck my fork into an empty bowl with a jolt of disappointed chagrin.

I’d eaten my entire lunch without even noticing. I was so wrapped up in what was happening on my laptop screen that I missed out the entire experience of enjoying my food, not to mention the chance to disengage from my work and give my mind a chance to reset and recharge in the midst of a busy day. Beyond the first bite, I was paying zero attention to the food on my plate and the experience of eating. It was the epitome of mindless eating, and the total opposite of a new movement that’s gaining popularity among nutrition and weight loss experts: mindful eating.

employee eating lunch in front of computer

Mindful eating is about unplugging and focusing on your food, and yourself.
Image source: Flickr user katsommers

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Food Delivery Makeover: 8 Steps to Hosting a Healthier Pizza Party at the Office

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Pizza has a lot going for it, especially when it comes to office lunches and food delivery. Pizza’s a crowd-pleaser. It’s easy to share, and relatively easy to eat. And, of course pizza’s downright delicious.

But can pizza be healthy? Well… for a food based around dough and cheese, definitely! There are many ways to participate in an office pizza party without sabotaging your dietary goals. The key is to plan ahead, as is usually the case when you’re trying to eat healthy at the office. If you aren’t in charge of ordering your own food, talk with the admin assistant or office manager who is and put in a few requests to help make the menu healthier. Chances are very, very good you aren’t the only one in the office who will appreciate a few lighter options!

thin crust vegetarian pizza

A thin crust plus lots of veggies equals a healthier pizza!
Image source: Flickr user falsecognate

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6 Globe-Trotting Ways Stale Bread Can Inspire Your Office Lunches

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Stuck in a rut when it comes to your office lunches? Sometimes inspiration can strike from the most unlikely places – and today, that place is stale bread.

Yes, stale bread! It may sound like a problem, not inspiration, but that’s because most of us don’t think like peasants. For generations, home cooks have looked at a half-loaf of stale bread and found ways to create delicious, rustic meals. They were inspired – albeit by necessity, rather than boredom.

panzanella bread salad for office lunches

Panzanella is the classic day-old bread dish!
Image source: Flickr user alanagkelly

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Eat Like a Quarterback: Workplace Wellness Inspiration from NFL Nutrition Experts

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Pre-season games are starting, fantasy leagues are forming, and Miller Lite displays are popping up in supermarket aisles: football season is almost here! And this year, there have been a few headlines about new hires on NFL teams — not coaches, not players, but nutritionists.

As sports medicine and nutrition research reveals that what athletes eat can make a big impact on their performance, the NFL is falling in line with many other companies across the country when it comes to nutrition and workplace wellness. Teams and executives are really starting to pay attention to how diet affects the performance and long-term health of their employees — only in this case, the employee might be a 300-pound linebacker.

NFL players training on the field inspire workplace wellness

NFL players know that nutrition is an integral part of success on the field.
Image source: Flickr user lehighvalleypa

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Food Delivery Makeover: How to Beat the 200-Extra-Calorie Curse of Restaurant Meals Reported in New Study

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Last week, a new study revealed that when people dine out – whether it’s at a fast food restaurant or a sit-down place – they eat an average of 200 extra calories per meal. And while the study has its flaws (like the fact it’s based around survey answers of self-reported food consumption, which are notoriously unreliable), it still brings up a question: how do you eat out, and not overeat? And specifically for those of us who order in to eat at the office, how can food delivery remain healthy?

takeout boxes two liter food delivery

Food delivery and restaurant meals can be healthy and wholesome, with just a few smart tweaks to your order.
Image source: Flickr user lifeontheedge

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