Admin Assistance: 7 Creative & Convenient Office Birthday Ideas – Delivered!

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Busy admin assistants and office managers know that delivery is a huge time-saver, from printer paper to business lunches. But when it comes to office birthdays, there’s often a last-minute rush out to the bakery or market to pick up a dessert. Instead of adding a task to your already busy day, take advantage of the delivery options you already use on a regular basis — restaurants!

birthday pastries

Think outside the cupcake box when it comes to office birthday treats!
Image source: Flickr user edenpictures

From your favorite Mexican spot to the local Italian joint, there are plenty of creative and convenient takeout treats that can be delivered right to the office. Not only will it save you time, but you’ll end up with a delightfully unexpected departure from the usual round of cupcakes or box of doughnuts. Here are some of our favorite delivery-friendly office birthday ideas:

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Food Delivery Makeover: 10 Easy Tips on How to Order Healthy Indian Food

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Indian food is one of the most popular cuisines out there when it comes to food delivery for the office… but it’s also one of the most mystifying to health-conscious diners. After all, there are certainly plenty of vegetarian dishes on Indian menus, but many seem so creamy and rich!

Indeed, thanks to the frequent use of ghee (clarified butter), coconut oil or milk, and the good old frying pan, some Indian dishes may seem healthy — hey, it’s spinach! — but are actually considerably higher in fat and calories than you might expect.

plate of Indian food

Learn to order healthy Indian food with our expert tips.
Image source: Flickr user Jason Walsh

So, feel like you need a little help at ordering healthy Indian food delivery? We’ve got some expert tips in store!

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4 Hearty, Healthy Office Meals Perfect for Celebrating Men’s Health Month

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June isn’t only National Employee Wellness Month — it’s Men’s Health Month! And the focus may be much-needed: research has shown that men may not give their long-term health much thought until something actually goes wrong. That’s one reason, according to some medical experts, why men tend to visit the doctor considerably less often than women and be less concerned with preventative health.

That’s why the remainder of June presents an excellent opportunity to focus on men’s health and nutrition in the workplace! Continue to curate a culture of workplace wellness by presenting a men’s health-themed lunch-and-learn, or even just order up a big spread of healthy fare with little place cards extolling the nutritional virtue of each dish.

men talking at lunch table

Take advantage of Men’s Health Month to focus on the specific nutritional needs of male employees.
Image source: Flickr user Food Hackathon

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Immunity-Boosting Foods and Adjusting the A/C: 5 Ways to Prevent Summer Colds From Emptying Your Office

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Most of us start to worry about getting sick as the temperature drops and the holidays draw near — we get our flu shots, stock up on vitamin C packets before we travel, and keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on our desks at all times. When summer comes, we tend to let our guard down… just in time for the summer cold season.

Yes, it’s true: the second most frequent season for illness occurs between June and October, when a family of viruses known as enteroviruses cause between 10 to 15 million cases of illness every year. And unlike the rhinoviruses that plague the winter months, the summer enteroviruses tend to stick around for longer periods of time, and bring along a different, highly unpleasant family of symptoms, from rashes to diarrhea to painfully sore throats. However, just like winter colds, the key to avoiding these extended illnesses — and either missing work or spreading the virus throughout the office — is prevention!

disinfectant spray office

Keeping a clean workspace is one step towards a healthy summer at the office.
Image source: Flickr user Alpha

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Meatless Monday Inspiration: 5 Vegetarian Lunches from Your Favorite Takeout Spots

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Meatless Monday, the popular eat-vegetarian-once-a-week movement, is awesome: eating more plant-based foods can be better for your waistline, your environmental footprint, and even your lifespan. And while preparing your own vegetarian meals at home for breakfast and dinner is relatively easy, many Meatless Monday participants find that vegetarian lunches for work present the biggest challenge of the day. When everyone else is bonding in the break room over pizza delivery or planning their big takeout order, pulling a Tupperware container of salad out of the fridge can be a little depressing… and while it may be good for your body, that’s not the ideal way to mentally start your workweek.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best vegetarian options for office lunches from the typical office’s go-to takeout and delivery spots. All contain the hallmarks of a satisfying vegetarian meal: hearty proteins, plenty of fiber, and — of course — flavor!

black bean burrito

Does this look like rabbit food to you?
Image source: Flickr user Jennifer

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Is Your Office Obsessed with the World Cup? Get Corporate Catering on Board!

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World Cup fever is sweeping the United States this summer, with nearly 16 million Americans tuning in to watch the U.S. men’s team trounce Ghana last Monday. And given the daytime scheduling of many games, your office may be one of many across the country that has turned watching the World Cup at work into a daily activity.

We’ll take it one further: don’t just look to the U.S. team for inspiration on the field or as an excuse to strengthen social ties in the office… take a few tips on real-life nutrition as well. Thanks to the meticulous oversight of head coach Jorgen Klinnsman, the U.S. players are following a diet that seems all too rare in professional sports, and one that has several lessons you can apply directly to your corporate catering routine.

watching World Cup at the office

Jump on the World Cup bandwagon at the office – and follow the team’s nutrition routine!
Image source: Flickr user Felipe Gavronski

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The Skinny on Fiber: Why Office Meals Deserve This Dietary Powerhouse

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Fiber may be the least exciting, least sexy component of a healthy diet — it’s strongly associated with Grandma’s bathroom routine, and its nickname is “roughage,” for crying out loud! But fiber is actually a dietary powerhouse: it helps keep you energetic and focused throughout the day, can help you lose weight, and can even help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. That’s why we’re sharing the lowdown on fiber today, along with some very easy, very tasty ways to make fiber a regular (no pun intended) in your everyday office meals.

bowl of oatmeal at desk

Start your morning off right with oatmeal: one of the most fiber-rich breakfasts available!
Image source: Flickr user Phil Hollenback

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Vietnamese Food 101: Why Pho-to-Go Will Be Your New Lunch Delivery Favorite

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Pizza. Chinese. Thai. If this takeout trifecta is wearing itself out in your office, it’s time to spice up the food delivery routine… literally! When it comes to flavor, there’s no cuisine quite so qualified as Vietnamese to inject a little excitement into the workday. Bright, bold ingredients like chiles, citrus, and savory spices, combined with influence from both French and Chinese cooking, make Vietnamese a unique yet incredibly approachable option for group takeout and pleasing a wide range of palates. Many dishes are customized right at your table, so adventurous eaters can pile on the chiles while pickier eaters can stick to the familiar — yet flavorful — array of soups and sandwiches available on many Vietnamese menus.

Want to get started — or introduce your officemates — to the wonders of Vietnamese food delivery? Try one of these dishes to get off on the right foot with this colorful cuisine:

bowl of pho

Pho is popular, delicious, and customizable – perfect for office lunches!
Image source: Flickr user Gary Stevens

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From Smart Caffeine to Corporate Catering: 6 Ways to Beat the Afternoon Energy Slump

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Managing your energy levels is a tricky business — there are a whole lot of factors that affect how bright-eyed and bushy-tailed you feel on any given day. How much sleep did you get last night? How many drinks did you have at happy hour? What did you eat for dinner? What did you eat for breakfast? Did you eat breakfast? Do you exercise? How many hours are you working? What kind of tasks are you working on? Are you taking regular breaks? Staring at a computer screen all day?

Just trying to answer those questions is exhausting… so it’s no wonder that when most of us hit that 2 pm wall and start to feel drowsy, we just hit up the coffee pot and power through. Of course, feeling tired and unproductive will eventually take its toll, leading to increased stress and — you guessed — even more fatigue.

tired office worker

Afternoon energy levels got you down? Read on for tips on making the most of your workday.
Image source: Flickr user Dylan

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10 Sneaky Ways to Eat More Vegetables During Office Meals – and Get Closer to 9 Servings Per Day!

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How many fruits and vegetables do you eat every day? How many do you think you should be eating? Maybe an apple at breakfast, a side salad at lunch, and an ear of corn off the grill at dinner?

Think again. The latest recommendations from the USDA suggest that the average American adult should be eating nine servings of fruits and veggies daily, with an emphasis on the vegetables. Approximately, that means two cups of fruit, and two and a half cups of vegetables.

pile of vegetables

Five servings of a veggies a day? You’re not alone if this is a struggle – but it doesn’t have to be!
Image source: flickr user Rick Ligthelm

If your current routine leaves you falling short (especially if you don’t count white potatoes, which many nutrition experts say you shouldn’t), you aren’t alone. Research suggests that many Americans are only eating three servings of fruits & vegetables every day — a third of the recommendation. And this means that most of us are actively saying “no thanks” to a healthy habit that would almost certainly reduce our risk for weight gain, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and cancer.

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