7 Delicious Ideas for Paleo Food Delivery at the Office: Looking at Options Across Cuisines

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The concept behind the Paleo diet is relatively simple: eat the food your ancestors ate. Fruits, veggies, lean meats, seafood, and nuts and seeds are all fair game, while grains, dairy, processed foods and sugar, beans, and starches are not. Unfortunately, while it’s straightforward to cook for a Paleo diet, dining out or ordering Paleo food delivery can be a little more complicated. Grains and sugars are practically essential items at most restaurants, which can make it hard for Paleo eaters to socialize during office meals or group takeout orders.

Hard, but not impossible! Here’s our guide to Paleo food delivery, so your dedication to eating like your ancestors doesn’t mean you have to stay holed up in your cave… er, office.

Basic Tips…

Don’t be afraid to make special requests! Ask for items to be prepared the way you want them, whether it’s having your vegetables sautéed in olive oil instead of canola or to have the croutons left off your salad. And don’t be shy about saying you’re on a gluten-free diet, even if that’s by choice instead of necessitated by allergy.

Our cuisine-specific suggestions here are broad ones, and every restaurant is different, so you may have to tailor your order accordingly depending on what you see on individual menus.

paleo beef larb Thai salad

Paleo takeout is possible! Use our tips to figure out what to order, no matter the type of cuisine.
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Paleo-Friendly Dishes When Ordering…


While Paleo dieters should be cautious when it comes to sugary barbecue sauces, ordering from the BBQ joint is a pretty easy way to get tasty Paleo food delivery. Order up a hefty portion of brisket or chicken and a side of collard greens for a hearty meal, and choose a Carolina-style vinegar-based sauce — it likely won’t be sugar-free, but it’s your best bet.


Thanks to coconut milk-based curries, Thai takeout is a surprisingly Paleo-friendly option. Just skip the rice and ask for extra vegetables in your shrimp/chicken/salmon curry. For an appetizer, grab a chicken satay (but skip the side sauces, which are almost guaranteed to be loaded with sugar), a cup of  Tom Ka Gai soup, or larb, which is basically a spicy meat salad!


Think skewers! Order up a few varieties of lamb/pork/seafood skewers and a green salad (hold the feta) from the local Greek spot.


Thanks to the MSG and gluten-laden sauces, Chinese takeout can be particularly tricky for Paleo eaters. Your best bet is to order a meat-and-veggies meal sauce-free, and keep a bottle of gluten-free soy sauce in the office fridge!


Fajitas are your friend! Pile up a plate with sizzling chicken and sautéed vegetables, top with guacamole, and give your tortillas to your coworker.


It could get pricy, but stick to sashimi — simple, beautiful, Paleo-friendly slices of fresh fish. Supplement with a seaweed salad or a few skewers of grilled meat: chicken thighs, meatballs, beef, lamb, and mushrooms are all common finds on a yakitori menu. Again, skip the packets of gluten-laced Kikkoman and grab your bottle of Paleo-friendly soy sauce from the fridge.

Sandwich shop/deli:

This may be the trickiest, as bread is a big no-no within the Paleo diet. Some sandwich shops might offer lettuce wrap versions of their sandwiches, thanks to the low-carb craze from a few years back. Swap avocado for mayo on most menu items, and these wraps are a good bet; otherwise, stick with a salad with no croutons and a simple oil-and-vinegar dressing on the side.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat alone! And as long as your plate is piled with vegetables and lean meats, you’ll be sticking fairly close to the principles of a Paleo diet. Find the perfect Paleo meal from the selection of menus (and prompt delivery) at Waiter.com!

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