7 Fall Flavors Ready to Liven Up Your Office Lunches This Autumn

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When you’re considering office lunches this fall, don’t forget to keep an eye towards eating seasonally! This food trend is one that finally just makes sense (unlike the cronut, perhaps): fruits and vegetables taste best during the time of year that they’re naturally at their peak of flavor. And autumn, waiting just around the corner, is all about hearty vegetables, robust flavors, and healthy, bountiful choices.

While summer foods suggest bright and flavorful stone fruits and light, bright tastes, the brisk autumn months translate into beta-carotene-packed slow-cooked vegetables, leafy greens, and warm, exotic spice blends featuring ginger, turmeric, fennel seeds, and spicy chile peppers. September through the beginning of December, the list of seasonal foods and fall flavors is almost as long as the warmer months’ offerings. And with many restaurants offering choices that feature nutrient-packed autumn superfoods that taste just as amazing as they look, you’ll have no problem livening up your office lunches!

butternut squash soup with pumpkin seeds

Butternut squash soup is one example of a fall favorite!
Image source: Flickr user valkyrieh116

1. Warm spices

On a chilly afternoon, a big bowl of Indian curry, a gingery stir-fry, or even a Moroccan tagine all offer a comforting and flavor-packed break from your hectic day. A spice like turmeric, which is full of curcumin (a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that gives curry its bright yellow flavor), as well as ginger, cardamom, and chiles can make a simple bowl of vegetables and rice sing with tummy-warming goodness.

2. Butternut squash and pumpkin

True stars of the season, these fleshy orange squashes deliver a one-two punch of dietary fiber and vitamin B6. At the start of the cooler months, look for take-out menu items like pizzas, spicy curries, and even sandwiches featuring roasted squash – and even specials like pumpkin hummus and butternut squash soup.

3. Brussels sprouts

Many take-out choices include a special seasonal section where you might find roasted Brussels sprouts on salads – and even artisan pizzas! This autumn vegetable is loaded with vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, and potassium — and unlike the steamed, sad brussels sprouts that parents have been forcing on their kids for ages, today’s Brussels sprout is usually served roasted and golden, braised with bacon, or even shredded and tossed with a crisp, flavorful vinaigrette for an unusual autumn salad!

4. Apples and pears

Since they’re readily available year-round, it’s sometimes hard to remember that apples are really an autumn crop, but with pears, it’s easier to think of them as a special fall treat. And while you can certainly enjoy apples in spring, summer and winter, there’s something about a crisp, fall apple that really speaks to the season. Both apples and pears add crunch in salads, sweetness in baked goods, and are amazing when featured in savory dishes.

5. Arugula

This peppery, leafy, cool-weather green is almost as ubiquitous as the apple these days, and offers a healthy dose of phytochemicals and minerals like iron and copper. Add some of these vitamin K-packed greens to your pizza order, swap it for lettuce in salads, or even tucked into a roasted veggie sandwich.

6. Cabbage

Starting in the cool fall months, cabbage is a go-to source for vitamin C, fiber, and beta-carotene. You’ll find varieties like green, red, and Savoy in delicious take-out choices like Chinese stir-fries, coleslaw, salads, fish tacos, and Thai spring rolls.

7. Sweet potatoes

Nothing says fall like roasted sweet potatoes. Much like squash and pumpkin, this star of the Thanksgiving table is also easily found on seasonal menus throughout the cold, crisp fall months. Look for curries, salads, and special sides that feature these vitamin B6 and vitamin D-loaded tubers. And yes, even sweet potato fries seem extra delicious this time of year!

All seven of these in-season flavors offer a great way to encourage healthy eating, along with the best tastes of the coming cool months. And you’ll easily find them at Waiter.com, with a large variety of options that will keep you eating vibrant, delicious office lunches no matter what time of year!

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4 responses to “7 Fall Flavors Ready to Liven Up Your Office Lunches This Autumn”

  1. Michael says:

    I don’t think anything says Fall flavors better than apples!

  2. Pippa says:

    Mmm, your post made me hungry. 🙂 I love how all the foods you mention are colorful and gorgeous… and that means they’re full of vitamins, too. Looking forward to adding some of these to my shopping list this week!

  3. Ed V. says:

    I agree 100% with this. In my opinion, cinnamon, apples, and pumpkin are the flavors of fall!