Freshen Up Your Conference Corporate Catering Table with Greenless Salads

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When you’re trying to plan healthy meals for a conference, there’s one simple tip that can help promote balanced eating at the corporate catering table: start with salad. A big bowl of leafy greens right up front will prompt attendees to fill their empty plates with a healthy salad, and by the time they get to the meat dish or dessert section, there won’t be as much room left.

Great – for one day. But if you’re orchestrating a multi-day event, what about day two? Or even day three? The same leafy lettuce that was a refreshing start at the first lunch will quickly become a passed-over obligation if it keeps showing up at the head of the table.

So what’s a health-conscious meeting planner to do? On days two and three, skip the leafy greens altogether and serve a lettuce-free salad at the front of the line. It will help reach the same goal (attendees will fill their plate with vegetables first) without boring your conference attendees.

Need some salad inspiration? From Italian menus to Mexican fare, there are plenty of greenless salads to start your lunch off on the right foot. Here are seven of our favorites that deserve a place at the head of your corporate catering table:

watermelon and feta salad

Watermelon & feta salad makes a refreshing alternative to leafy greens.
Image source: Flickr user Kurman Communications, Inc.

1) Caprese salad

Juicy tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, and fragrant basil are drizzled with balsamic vinegar for a fresh and filling start to a meal. The mozzarella makes it feel a little indulgent, but plays second fiddle to the tomatoes — especially during the peak of summer, when you can likely find local and heirloom varieties to star in your Caprese.

2) Shaved Brussels sprouts salad

Brussels sprouts aren’t just meant to be served all roasty-sweet in the winter: shaved into thin strips, they make a deliciously light salad. Look for one paired with lemon and walnuts for a summery take on this cool-weather vegetable that will work well with classic catering staples like chicken and salmon.

3) Roasted corn salad
Serving a Mexican menu? Opt for a roasted corn salad with black beans, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, and a healthy dose of lime juice — cotija cheese optional!

4) Broccoli slaw

Shredded broccoli, nuts, raisins, and a creamy dressing? Attendees who might skip a pan of roasted or steamed broccoli won’t be afraid to dive into this refreshing (albeit retro) salad. Just request a light touch on the dressing!

5) Watermelon & feta salad
Yes, watermelon salad is a thing. Chunks of juicy pink watermelon pair beautifully with cheese — and a sprinkling of mint leaves makes it even more refreshing.

6) Greek salad
Bite-size slices of bell peppers, red onions, tomatoes, olives, and feta, tossed with olive oil and fresh cracked pepper, make for a colorful and surprisingly hearty salad… but don’t forget to provide a few breath mints after all those red onions!

7) Panzanella
This Tuscan classic eschews lettuce in favor of bread — maybe not the healthiest swap for a salad, but it’s still full of fresh produce, like tomatoes, onions, and basil.

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