Corporate Catering and Your Holiday Party Menu: Top Desserts for Everyone in the Office

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Planning out an office holiday party menu can be intense when trying to please everyone at your company. Your goal as the host or hostess is to have everyone walking away feeling like they had a great time, and since so many corporate holiday parties can seem forced, this is a serious undertaking. When it comes down to it, there are three things that will help you make your big holiday party fantastic: A gorgeous location, great music, and delicious food.

When you’re planning out the menu for the party, it’s easy to plan something simple or expected for dessert. Our tip? Aim to make dessert the best aspect of the party. Since it’s likely the final touch that most everyone will try before they walk out the door, it’s the best way to have your staff leave with a fantastic memory of the overall event. To help you plan the perfect dessert spread, we’ve compiled some of our favorite ways to bring on the holiday glitz and keep all of the foodies in your office satisfied!

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Planning a great dessert spread for your catered holiday party can make your event fabulous – and memorable!
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For the Craft Foodie

No matter where you work, there is likely a group of foodies in your office who love finding the most fabulous craft food eateries around town. They’re the ones who seem to know the best places to grab a bite when you’re in search of a real, satisfying meal that’s not made en masse. When they’re eyeing up the dessert table, you can make them swoon with bite-sized slices of their favorite custom cakes: german chocolate, red velvet, creamy strawberry cheesecake, and rich buttercream. And giving each of your craft desserts a fun, unique name can make the event extra special and memorable!

For the Health Nut

Offering a healthy dessert option is great for the employees trying to watch their sugar intake or for those who filled up a little too much at the dinner table. Mini fruit cups filled with delectable raspberries, pineapple, and blackberries offers something naturally sweet. Drizzled with dark chocolate, they offer the perfect taste combo for someone who wants to end their meal with something sweet, without packing on a ton of calories. Bonus points if you have your fruit put into dark chocolate cups for serving.

For the Chocoholic

Within each office, there are definitely at least a few chocolate lovers. And while you can appease them with some of the old standards, there’s one catered dessert that will make your event super memorable: a chocolate fountain. While they’ve been around for a few years, they’re still a novelty that makes an impressive finale to the end of your catered meal. And since it’s easy to provide treats for dipping that everyone will love – anything from fresh fruits to delectable brownie bites to handmade marshmallows – there will be a little something for all of the dessert lovers in your office.

Your Holiday Party Menu

As you’re thinking through all of your catered dessert options for your big holiday party food spread, there are a few things you can keep in mind to help you find the most success.

  • Go Bite-sized: Making your event social means creating a dessert bar that mixes in with the mingling. Small, bite-sized portions will help with this. Plus, it allows everyone to try more than one dessert, without feeling like they gorged on sugar.
  • Find Variety: The bigger your company is, the more diverse your staff’s tastes will be. Provide a little something for everyone and something that will fit most dietary restrictions. While many will go for the traditional options, others will certainly prefer the lighter dessert fare and they’ll remember that the company made accommodations for everyone at the event.
  • Don’t Forget the Coffee: Providing tasty beverages that compliment your dessert menu – like coffee, a specialty holiday drink or even milk – will help balance out whatever you serve. Your catering partner can help you find the perfect fit.
  • Share It: Don’t forget to share pictures of your event on social media the following week. Events like this show your customers that the people at your company do things outside of work, and it can help them foster a stronger connection to your brand. And prospective employees will see how much fun they could have working for your company – just another way to maximize all of the hard work you put into this year’s big holiday party!

Most of all, remember to have fun with what you serve for dessert! A delicious spread can become a lot more memorable, just based on how you present it. Choosing festive serving ware and a fun theme for each of your treats can be a great way to get your employees excited about what you offer. And when it comes to planning a great dessert spread,’s catering options can help you make your event the best in company history. No matter what kind of foods you want to serve, we can help take a lot of the hard work out of your party planning – and give you all the credit!

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