Reinventing the Office Party: Why Your Workplace Should Celebrate National Popcorn Day

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The holiday office party is an annual tradition: gathering staff members together to celebrate the winter holidays with a lavish meal and free-flowing cocktails is a way that many employers say “thank you” for a year of hard work. Now that it’s January, many employers have checked “office party” off their to-do list and are ready to move on.

Not so fast. It may be time to reinvent the office party, and consider making festive celebrations a regular occurrence in the workplace! As research shows, showing employee appreciation is key to keeping workers happy and satisfied. Additionally, the social bonds reinforced at office parties help boost workplace friendships and morale. Why not capitalize on those invaluable benefits and stage festive celebrations all year long?

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Holidays like National Tortilla Chip Day are perfect for spontaneous celebrations!
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Consider surprising your employees with office parties for unexpected holidays. Not only will you boost bonds and create a fun-loving environment, but you can make it clear that you’re throwing parties to show your staff how much you appreciate their hard work. That’s a benefit that will pay off in dividends throughout the year.

Here are a few first-quarter holidays just begging to be celebrated:

popcorn servings

Show your employees a good time on National Popcorn Day.
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January 19: National Popcorn Day

Who doesn’t love popcorn? It’s a classic movie snack, counts as a healthy whole grain, and offers endless opportunities for adding flavors. Provide a popcorn bar with mix-in items (think pretzels, M&M’s, bacon bits, and candied fruit) and plenty of shake-able toppings like cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and truffle salt. Don’t forget to offer a fun selection of old-fashioned bottled soft drinks, from root beer to orange soda, to complement the theme. If you’re hosting the popcorn office party after hours, you might even screen a classic movie in the background!

January 29: National Puzzle Day

This is an easy one to incorporate into the daily routine: stock the office break room with puzzles of all kinds! Buy a selection of word puzzle books, from crosswords to Sudoku, and don’t forget to provide plenty of freshly sharpened pencils. Pick up a few jigsaw puzzles and invite the office staff to work on them together throughout the day during their coffee breaks. Order in a special meal delivery for the lunch hour, and even hold team “puzzle races” with word searches and prizes for the fastest groups.

February 24: National Tortilla Chip Day

Honor this not-so-sacred holiday by ordering in a Mexican feast! Offer nachos, a salsa bar, and even healthy Mexican takeout options like freshly made guacamole and vegetarian black beans. Pair your meal with bottles of Mexican Coke, or make it a happy hour celebration and serve up a few margaritas or Coronas for a little extra festivity.

pi day pies

Get creative to celebrate National Pi Day.
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March 14: National Pi Day

Math nerds know that 3/14 is the day to celebrate pi — the endless number often rounded off to 3.14. Geek out at the office and celebrate pi with pie: from turkey pot pies to savory hand pies to, of course, sweet dessert pies, this will be a simple and attention-grabbing office party!

March 25: Waffle Day

There’s no party like an office breakfast party to start the day off right, and this is a great excuse to throw a waffle-centric celebration! Provide plenty of toppings like fruit compotes, whipped cream, and peanut butter — or make it into a hearty meal with waffles and fried chicken! Just remember to supplement your festive waffle bar with a healthy option like oatmeal or whole fruits for those in the workplace who are following a diet. A work party isn’t a success unless everyone can participate in the fun.

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