The 6 Tastiest Food Delivery Dishes for National Chicken Month

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Sure, chicken is pretty ubiquitous when it comes to our meals in this country. In fact, it’s recently surpassed even beef in popularity among meat-eaters, with Americans on average consuming about 60 pounds per year. But that doesn’t mean that chicken has to be boring or served every single day.

September is National Chicken Month, and there’s no better time to expand your chicken horizons than during this tasty celebration of all things poultry. Use this month to discover new mouth-watering chicken dishes or reacquaint yourself with old favorites, whether you’re planning lunches for work meetings, catering training sessions, or providing food delivery meals for your staff during late-night, busy office projects. You can liven up the work place by choosing exotic and special chicken dishes, or go comfort food style with time-tested, all-American classics!

fried chicken in a takeout box

Fried chicken is a classic way to celebrate National Chicken Month.
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In addition, chicken doesn’t just taste great – it has a lot of wonderful health benefits to add to the mix. It’s lean and high in protein, a good source of the mineral selenium, and it’s packed with important B vitamins. Offering your employees healthy and delicious chicken food delivery options for lunch can help boost energy, productivity, and liven up the workplace.

1. Chicken Curry Chicken curries come in all kinds of variations, including yellow curries, green curries, red curries, Thai curries (typically coconut milk-based), Indian curries (most of the time, yogurt-based)… well, you get the idea. No matter the specific chicken curry that you choose for a lunch or overtime meal, your employees will thank you!

2. Coq au Vin This is a classic French dish, consisting of chicken thighs, breasts, and legs cooked in red wine with root vegetables and simmered for hours until it’s rich and tender. Traditionally, coq au vin was made with a tough rooster (the long cooking time in wine served to tenderize the meat), but today, any chicken will do – including farm-raised, all natural, organic birds.

3. Fried Chicken The star of picnic lunches everywhere, nothing says comfort like a plate of fried chicken! With a leafy green salad and some baked beans on the side, it’s a lunchtime splurge that’s a special treat. It’s also the perfect choice for an outdoor meal on a crisp, fall afternoon — the perfect break to a busy work day. Just set up the picnic tables and let everyone enjoy a festive outdoor meal.

4. Chicken Chili Ditch the beef or pork chili this month and give chicken chili a try! Often referred to as white chili, this hearty stew uses a mix of white beans, broth, green chiles, and shredded chicken for a spicy, out-of-the-ordinary lunch. Fragrant and filling, a bowl of this spicy stew is guaranteed to perk up the troops.

5. Chicken Salads & Wraps Chicken salad is a familiar option, but how about a chicken salad with grapes and cashews? Or a curried chicken salad with yogurt instead of mayonnaise? Or, forget about the creaminess altogether and order a chicken and pasta salad with a zippy olive oil vinaigrette. And as an alternative to sandwiches, wraps are a delectable option. With layered chicken, vegetables, and maybe even some hummus, you’ll have a great-tasting and nutritious lunch spread for the whole company.

6. Chicken Mole A classic Mexican dish, chicken mole is a long-simmered, signature speciality made with peppers, spices, nuts, and sometimes even chocolate. Like curries, there are many variations and it’s an easy way to satisfy your whole group with a robust bowl of tender chicken in a spicy, flavorful, and unique sauce.

There are so many chicken options to explore for your office meals this month, with offering all the menus and meal options you could want for your office and staff. Celebrate delicious, versatile chicken throughout the month of September with curries, wraps, ethnic specialities – the food delivery possibilities with this well-loved ingredient are practically endless!

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  1. Melissa Kerns says:

    I’ve never thought about using yogurt in place of mayonnaise in chicken salad. It sounds delicious and much healthier.