Celebrate Bastille Day With These 6 French-Inspired Office Meals

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Every July 14th, residents of France — and Francophiles worldwide — celebrate Bastille Day. The anniversary of the beginning of the French revolution with the storming of the Bastille, the annual holiday has been celebrated since the late 1800s, and it’s the perfect opportunity to arrange a little workplace party or luncheon. Even if none of your employees are French themselves, any holiday presents a chance to treat your team to a special lunch, take an hour or so to socialize as a group, and continue to create the kind of fun and lively culture that will help keep your workers engaged!

And staging a French fete doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. We’ve compiled a list of delivery-friendly office meals that you can simply order from a local bistro for your team, keeping the day low-stress and deliciously low-key— although if you want to host a French-inspired waiter race, a preferred Bastille Day celebration in hundreds of cities worldwide, that’s up to you.

croque monsieur

The croque monsieur is a crowd-friendly favorite for French-themed office meals!
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Nicoise salad

This quintessential Provençal salad disproves the notion that all French food is fattening. Crisp lettuce piled with olives, anchovies, tomatoes, and a garlicky olive oil dressing, for plenty of healthy unsaturated fats and protein. Some variations might also include tuna, French beans, hard-boiled eggs, and occasionally artichoke hearts, depending on the specific restaurant, chef, and what’s fresh in the kitchen. Regardless, a Nicoise salad is sure to be a refreshing and filling lunch, perfect for an office that embraces workplace wellness along with their holiday parties!

Coq au vin

Another classic dish, but much heartier and indulgent, coq au vin is also famously labor-intensive… so all the better when you can enjoy it via restaurant delivery or catering! While it sounds simple, this dish is an example of the whole being much greater than the sum of its part: chicken cooked with bacon, red wine, beef stock, butter, onions, and mushrooms. Light and healthy, no. Delicious, absolutely. 


Opting for a French breakfast spread instead of lunch? You can’t go wrong with delicate, rolled-up crepes, whether stuffed with savory ingredients (more ham and cheese!) or sweet (Nutella and bananas, anyone?).


This peasant dish is a summer favorite, making it ideal for Bastille Day office meals: vegetables like sweet bell peppers, colorful squash, earthy eggplant, juicy tomatoes, and plenty of garlic and fresh herbs are cooked slowly into an intensely flavorful yet shockingly simple stew. Best of all, ratatouille is incredibly healthy, and will provide a hefty portion of the vegetables your employees should be eating daily to stay sharp and focused… and since it’s vegetarian, it’s also perfect for Meatless Monday!

Croque monsieur

Have a few picky eaters in the office? Add croque monsieur to your menu — these indulgent sandwiches are made from simple ingredients like buttered bread, savory ham, and unbelievably melty Gruyere cheese. Even the most dubious diner won’t be able to resist!

Crusty bread, good cheese, pate

If you can’t spare a lunch hour (or the budget for a lavish spread) you can still celebrate Bastille Day by providing a few French variations of popular meeting snacks. A crusty baguette, creamy pate, and an assortment of French cheeses will create a special experience at an otherwise everyday meeting, without breaking the bank.

That’s the beauty of French food: it doesn’t have to be fussy to be delicious. And neither does your party planning need to be lavish to make a big impression on your team! With online ordering and prompt delivery from Waiter.com, it’s never been easier to provide a memorable meal (or meeting) — any day of the year.

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