Busy Season at the Office? Follow Accountants’ Expert Advice on Overtime Meals

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going… but they can’t do it on an empty stomach! That’s why smart employers know that during stressful periods — like running up to tight deadlines or working especially long hours — feeding your team overtime meals is a must.

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Accountants are the experts when it comes to busy season – and they know food helps!
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Accountants may be the most famous example: the vast majority of accounting firms refer to the first quarter of the year, leading up to April 15th, as the “busy season”. Extremely long hours, working weekends, increased job stress, and a focus on simply surviving the crunch time are the norm for accountants as they work to meet tax deadlines for clients.

The busy season for accountants is predictable (most employees know what they’re getting into when they enter the field), but many firms put in extra effort to make their team feel appreciated and taken care of during the high-stress time. It’s a smart strategy that other industries can learn from: every company undergoes a time when employees are asked to step up, take on extra tasks, and work longer hours.

And that’s when overtime meals become a great asset to keeping hard-working team members happy! Here are the top 3 strategies lifted right from the experts: accountants.

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A healthy, portable breakfast makes it easier to work long hours.
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1) Don’t just serve pizza and greasy late-night takeout. Healthy foods help boost productivity and long-term energy levels. While “comfort foods” might provide an emotional boost (and are perfect for occasional treats), make wholesome meals and snacks the norm throughout busy periods. Include plenty of whole grains, vegetables, and lean proteins from your favorite restaurants (see our past posts advice for how to order healthy takeout, whether it’s Chinese, sushi, Thai, or good old-fashioned sandwiches). After all, as a first-year staffer described on the accounting blog Big4Bound, “I try to eat healthy on the firm’s dime, but when the best part of your day (and the only thing you do outside of work) is eat, it is difficult to get a boring salad.”

2) Start the day off right — provide easy-to-eat breakfast items. Busy team members probably won’t make time to whip up an egg white omelette first thing in the morning, so being able to walk into the office and pick up a yogurt, piece of fruit, or a whole-wheat bagel on their way to their desk will be greatly appreciated! Plus, a healthy breakfast will lead to better focus and concentration throughout the day.

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Bring a smile to your employees’ faces with a creative weekly ritual.
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3) Create a ritual for your team members to look forward to. The accountant/blogger behind TheBig4Playbook.com advises other CPAs to “enjoy the little things that occur during busy season. Relish bagel Friday, or make it a point to bring in breakfast… at one of my clients, we would always have someone go get Sonic drinks. We saw this as a nice reward each day and it was something to look forward to.” Be creative: whether it’s Bagel Friday, Latte Wednesday, or Milkshake Monday, providing a reward to hard-working staffers will help create a positive, team-focused environment.

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