Vegan Food in San Francisco: A New Twist on Your Classic Favorites!

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An increasing number of Americans are adopting the vegan lifestyle. Some of the more recent reports estimate that approximately 6 percent of Americans maintain a vegan diet, but even people who still eat meat and dairy would do well to eat vegan once in a while. Fortunately, there are plenty of restaurants in the Bay Area that offer dishes free of meat. Whether it is lunch or dinner time, you can get tasty, healthy food delivered to your house or office building. Here are some of the best places to get vegan food in San Francisco.

You don’t have to be vegan to love a quinoa salad.

Thai Idea Vegetarian

Delicious, high-quality food has always been the goal at Thai Idea Vegetarian. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan dishes at this establishment, which is to be expected because Thai cuisine already does not contain much meat. You will not miss meat in the slightest when you order from here.

If you are looking for a true bonanza of flavor, then you need to order the pad kee mow. It comes with pan-fried Thai rice noodles along with garlic, chili, bell pepper, onion, bamboo shoot, tomato and basil. You also have your choice of vegetables, tofu, veggie chicken or veggie beef. The veggie chicken and beef at Thai Idea Vegetarian taste just like the real thing but are 100 percent vegan. This place makes it easy to abide by the vegan lifestyle, so you will never feel tempted to fall off the wagon. You can round out your meal nicely by ordering a Thai iced tea or Thai iced coffee along with your entrée.


Fana Alemayehu opened Moya in 2010. She is originally from Ethiopia and moved to the Bay Area in the 1980s to show off her immense cooking prowess. Her family and friends had already told her the dishes she made were incredible, and she was prepared to prove it to the world. She prides herself in offering authentic Ethiopian dishes that she learned from her family. There are not many Ethiopian restaurants in the city, so if you crave something new but want to make sure it falls within the confines of your diet, then this is the place to get vegan food in San Francisco from.

For your first time ordering from here, you may want to try a little bit of everything. With the veggie sampler, you can do precisely that. It comes with yellow pea stew, spicy lentil stew, potatoes, collard greens, green beans, carrots and cabbage. It also comes with a side of brown rice or injera, which is Ethiopian flatbread, so you really have a full plate. There are so many things to try that once you order for the first time, you will be anxious to order again.

Indochine Vegan Restaurant

Indochine Vegan Restaurant is an Asian fusion restaurant that puts some interesting twists on your favorite Asian Dishes. Even if you need to order food for a large group of people including individuals who are not vegan, they will not mind in the slightest. They will still find something delectable to order from here, and they can see for themselves the wide array of dishes vegans can still enjoy.

A signature dish of this establishment is the Vietnamese fragrant clay pot rice dish. This meal comes with crispy rice along with organic tofu, soy protein, black fungus, shitake mushroom, vermicelli and Napa cabbage. It has an incredible texture due to the abundance of different ingredients. You can also order a number of delicious beverages from here, including a papaya smoothie or Vietnamese coffee, which is served with soy milk. A lot of the dishes on Indochine Vegan Restaurant’s menu are vegan, so you never have to wonder if you can eat something now knowing all the places that make vegan food in San Francisco.

Order Healthy Vegan Dishes Today

A lot of restaurants will have one or two vegan dishes on the menu. However, you should order from places that have a variety of vegan food, and you can find those places with ease with the help of Lunch or dinner, you can have nutritious cuisine delivered straight to your office or home. From sautéed vegetables to tofu, there are a number of ways you can enjoy San Francisco vegan food.

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