Saratoga Food Near Me: Let Us Help You Find Your Next Meal!

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The greater Bay Area has thousands of restaurants. From hidden gems to well-known chains, there are so many places to eat from that it can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, it has never been easier to try new and exciting meals when you can have deliver tasty food right to your home or office. There are numerous types of cuisines to try in the area, from Thai to Ethiopian. Expand your palate and order from one of the following restaurants the next time you think to yourself, ‘I want delicious Saratoga food near me.’

Saratoga Food Near Me

Delicious food options from restaurants in the Saratoga area, all with delivery!

Viva Thai Bistro

When you are looking for delectable Thai food in the Bay Area, order from Viva Thai Bistro. Among its extensive collection of dishes, you will find standard Thai offerings such as pad thai, tom yum soup and curry. However, you can also venture out and try such delicacies as sautéed lamb and silky way salad with silver noodles. This establishment also offers catering, allowing you to feed parties of between five and 10 people.

When you are looking for a hearty meal, you cannot go wrong with the Viva fried rice. This dish comes with classic Thai-style fried rice, which means it is pan fried, along with eggs, scallions, tomatoes and your choice of meat. Naturally, no meal from a Thai establishment would be complete with sipping on a tasty Thai iced tea. If you are ordering for lunch, then make sure to check out the lunch specials, which give you a ton of food at reasonable prices.

Our House

Our House offers much more than simply delicious food. This restaurant also has a strong commitment to only using local, sustainable ingredients. Additionally, all foods prepared at this establishment are GMO-free. Our House partners directly with California farmers and vendors located within a 500-mile radius of San Jose. It provides interesting twists on classic dishes, and it draws inspiration from cuisines all over the world. This place may be located in San Jose, but with, it is now a viable option to order from when you ask yourself, “Where can I get tasty Saratoga food near me?”

From salads to sandwiches, there are numerous dishes to try from Our House. However, you really need to try the house burger at some point. It contains beef sourced from Brentwood, California. You will also get aged white cheddar, hickory bacon, house pickles, organic tomato jam and organic bibb lettuce. Naturally, no burger is complete without a side of fries, and you can get delicious curry fries from Our House. This side consists of sweet potato fries along with curry sauce, house paneer and cilantro. Once you take a bite, this will become a go-to place to order from.

Walia Ethiopian Cuisine

Walia Ethiopian Cuisine opened in the San Jose area in 2011. The goal of the restaurant from the very beginning was to give the community exceptional Ethiopian food. The dishes are prepared meticulously. Everything falls under the supervision of experienced cook Aster Teklemichael. The recipes found at this restaurant have been passed down through generations, and only the most authentic ingredients are used. The result is flavorful meals you cannot get anywhere else.

For a classic Ethiopian dish, you need to order the Yebeg Tibs. This meal consists of succulent pieces of lamb that have been sautéed in butter. It also comes seasoned with tomatoes, green hot pepper and onions. All this comes sprinkled with rosemary. You can either get Yebeg Tibs dry or juicy. There are plenty of other delicacies found at this establishment, including poultry, beef and vegetarian dishes. There is nothing else quite like Walia Ethiopian Cuisine, and this is a great place to order from when you start thinking, “I want to try new Saratoga food near me.”

Find Amazing New Cuisines Today

Instead of driving around the Bay Area trying to find great new restaurants, you can simply press a few buttons over the internet to have incredible meals delivered right to you. You are not even limited to food in Saratoga. With the assistance of, you can now try meals from restaurants in cities all over the area. Restaurants in San Jose, San Francisco and Cupertino have never been closer now that you have at your fingertips.

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