San Francisco Pizza: Delight Your Taste Buds Without Leaving the House!

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There is nothing like having a slice of pizza to satisfy your cravings for lunch, dinner or a snack. Pizza is a classic delivery item, and now, you have more options than ever when you want a cheesy dish delivered to your home or office. Instead of ordering from one of the huge chains, you can have deliver a meal from a small local San Francisco pizza shop. You can support a small business while having an incredible dish to enjoy delivered right to you.

San Francisco pizza

Interesting takes on a classic dish, all delivered right to you!

Himalayan Pizza and Momo

Himalayan Pizza and Momo is truly a unique fixture in the San Francisco community. In addition to offering pizzas, this establishment also provides exquisite Indian food prepared fresh daily. The restaurant has become known all over the city for its incredible cuisine and reasonable prices. This establishment offers a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian items as well, so if you need to feed the family, then there is something for every preference.

When you order from here, you can get the best of both worlds by opting for the Himalayan special pizza. It combines both Italian and Indian sensibilities, and the pizza comes topped with tandoori chicken, onion, tikka masala sauce and Himalayan herbs and spices. Naturally, it also comes with plenty of mozzarella cheese melted to perfection. This is one type of pizza you can only get from here, and it is worth ordering when you are craving something a little outside of the box. Himalayan Pizza and Momo also makes plenty of delicious appetizers, from traditional cheesy garlic bread to vegetable samosas.

Nobhill Pizza & Shawarma

Nobhill Pizza & Shawarma is truly one pizza place that loves its customers, and you can see that in every handcrafted dish. While pizzas are certainly a centerpiece of this establishment’s menu, it also offers numerous Mediterranean dishes. This restaurant has truly succeeded at infusing that San Francisco flair with old-world recipes. If one person in your group wants some pizza while someone else is craving a shawarma wrap, then this is definitely the place to order from.

Traditional San Francisco pizza often defies expectations, which leads to some truly inspired creations. One fantastic dish to order from Nobhill Pizza & Shawarma that exemplifies this idea is the pesto special pizza. It does not come with traditional pizza sauce. Instead, it comes with ample pesto sauce, and it is topped off with garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts. Ordering pizza by the pie is great if you need to feed a bunch of people, but if you just want a meal for yourself, then you can also order pizza by the slice here.

Hole in the Wall Pizza

Some of the best restaurants you will ever eat at are small hole-in-the-wall joints that craft every dish with care. Since it was first established in 2012, Hole in the Wall Pizza has been a mainstay of San Franciscans’ diets for years. In addition to pizza, this restaurant also specializes in making salads, calzones and burgers. This place will even let you create your very own pizza by selecting as many toppings as you want. This way, you can have San Francisco pizza ideally suited for your taste buds.

There are all kinds of specialty pizzas to enjoy from here. One popular choice is the Tipsy Suzy pizza. It comes with ranch sauce as well as marinated chicken, ham, bacon, sliced meatballs and jalapeños. It is the perfect thing to order when you need to fill up in the middle of the day, or you want something to enjoy late at night. If you want to round out your meal a bit more, then you can order either a mixed-greens or spinach salad with a dressing of your choice.

All This and More Can Be Delivered Directly to You

You can get the food you want delivered to your home or office, lunch or dinner, with the help of There is so much delicious pizza in San Francisco to try, and you can learn about all kinds of outstanding establishments on the website. Whether you are a fan of New York style, Chicago style, deep dish or thin crust, you can have any food you want delivered right to you.

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