Mexican Food in Stanford: Craving Worthy Cuisine!

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When you are in the mood for Mexican cuisine, there are plenty of places around Stanford to satisfy your cravings. can deliver everything from burritos to chilaquiles to your home or office. Whether it is noon or late at night, this food will hit the spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The next time you want some Mexican food in Stanford, order from one of these amazing locations.

It’s time to enjoy freshly cooked Mexican steak and chicken fajitas!

Three Brothers Tacos

For affordable and delicious Mexican cuisine, you need to order your next meal from Three Brothers Tacos. This restaurant was first established in 1989, and it has remained a family-owned business since that time. What first began as a taco truck driving around San Francisco soon evolved into so much more. Several other locations have popped up over the years to serve the Bay Area. Now you can get authentic Mexican dishes the entire family will enjoy.

Tacos are staples of any Mexican restaurant, but Three Brothers Tacos really takes them to the next level. You can order the taco plate combination any time of day and get three tacos filled with whatever protein you like. You can get yours with barbacoa, tripa, chorizo, birria, lengua, sesos, fish or shrimp. Keep in mind that some protein options will come with an extra charge. Your tacos then come rounded out with cilantro, diced onions and your choice of mild or hot salsa. When you crave Mexican food in Stanford, nothing hits the spot quite like tacos.

Estrellita Restaurant

Estrellita Restaurant has been serving up authentic Mexican dishes to the Bay Area since 1958. This establishment strives to please every customer by using only the best ingredients around. Each dish is prepared fresh daily, so you can be certain you are getting something tasty no matter what you order. Estrellita Restaurant has been a family-owned restaurant since its founding, and people from all over the peninsula come by to eat here. You are treated like family when you order from here, and with numerous delicious dishes to try, you will be ordering from here time and time again.

There are many specialties of the house here, but one dish you must try is the mole poblano. The chefs at Estrellita Restaurant make their very own mole poblano from scratch, using an array of more than 30 ingredients. You can be confident the perfect blend of roasted chilies, Mexican chocolate and other items will go into the delightfully complex mole sauce. It goes on top of the skinless and boneless chicken, making for a fantastic meal in the middle of the day. You can complete your meal with a genuine Mexican dessert, such as cinnamon churros or coconut kalua flan.

Rincon Sabroso Restaurant

The people of Mountain View and the nearby areas can enjoy a rich variety of amazing Mexican dishes from Rincon Sabroso Restaurant. This establishment has numerous classic dishes from Mexico you already know and love, but you can also enjoy some intriguing house specialties. There are many rare delicacies you will have a hard time finding anywhere else. Rincon Sabroso Restaurant also specializes in Salvadoran cuisine if you feel like breaking out of the ordinary a bit.

You can have a more unusual offering of Mexican food in Stanford by ordering the pupusas from here. This is a house specialty that consists of a handmade corn tortilla that comes with your choice of fillings. You can get yours stuffed with refried beans and cheese, just cheese or a mixture of pork, beans and cheese. You can even order one of each to see which one is your favorite. Each pupusa is made fresh, and once you take a bite, you will be so happy you discovered this gem.

Great Mexican Food Is All Around You

There is an outstanding collection of Mexican restaurants around Stanford you can order from. You can enjoy traditional dishes you have had numerous times before, such as tacos and burritos, or you can think outside the box and get delicious items you cannot get anywhere else. With the help of, you can get meals on demand for lunch or dinner. Do not worry if you are at home or in the office, because you can now get amazing food delivered to you anytime, anywhere.

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