Food Near Me in Foster City: Dishes for Every Palate!

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Foster City is home to many delectable meal choices featuring a variety of cuisines. Narrowing down your personal preference when searching for food near me in Foster City can be surprisingly challenging. Whether you love robust Thai curries or classical American dishes delivered straight to your door, there is something for every taste in Foster City. Delivery is a great option for lunch and dinner; many restaurants offer tempting breakfast and brunch options, too. Treat yourself to a convenient and delicious mealtime solution with the help of a speedy delivery team by browsing the menus of these three restaurants and finding something new to try today.

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Find any dish you are in the mood for, and have it delivered to your home or office!

Thai Satay

Located conveniently on 4th Avenue in San Mateo, Thai Satay has been transporting diners with exotic flavors for many years. This mainstay restaurant has many delicious options to tempt you with. Enjoy their numerous meat dishes as well as fare agreeable to vegetarians. Be sure to try the Vegetarian Pad Thai – a classic dish that is sure to please. The Hot and Spicy Chili Tofu is another vegetarian favorite to try the next time you want something with plenty of heat.

Diners love the blended spices and creamy coconut milk used in dishes such as the Massamun Nuer (curry). This dish brings together rib-sticking beef and potatoes in a fragrant ginger-spiced stew. Try it ladled over fragrant jasmine or basmati rice. The eggplant pork is another popular dish. This features tender, juicy pork slices sautéed together with eggplants, carrots, sweet basil, and other vegetables. The fresh, bright flavors of classic Thai cooking shine through in these and other menu choices. Thai Satay never disappoints.


Angelica’s is a cornerstone of the Main Street dining scene in Redwood City. Known primarily for its luxurious breakfast offerings, Angelica’s also offers a wide selection of delicious lunch and dinner offerings until 2:30 and after 4:30 respectively. The fresh tastes and unique ingredient combinations have endeared this eatery to local diners for many years. Treat yourself to something special this weekend or lighten up the weekday with the help of the chefs at Angelica’s. This is the perfect answer to the question, “Where can I find great American food near me in Foster City?”

The brunch at Angelica’s is easily the most famous part of the menu; people love it for a morning-after pick-me-up and casual get-together. Try the Smoked Salmon Crepe, a generous offering complete with scrambled eggs and country potatoes. The generous portions are sure to wake you up. Another favorite is the Country Style Breakfast, a combination of two scrambled eggs, two pancakes, country potatoes, and sausage. This is the perfect way to start the day and prepare for what lies ahead.

The Van’s

A landmark restaurant located on the hill, The Van’s is a standby favorite for Belmont diners of all ages. This old-fashioned steakhouse serves up generous portions of top-quality cuts of meats, as well as a large selection of other classic American favorites. Delivery is a great way to experience these favorites anytime, especially when you want to enjoy a classic American steak made just the way you want it. A selection of delicious appetizers helps to round out the meal.

The New York Steak Dinner is a top favorite. Perfectly cooked to your preferences and served up piping hot, this aged Angus sirloin strip is not to be missed. The tender, juicy cut is a top choice among The Van’s diners. Another favorite is the Fried Ravioli. These plump pockets are filled with spinach and ricotta before being breaded with panko crumbs. Six ravioli are served with garlic, aioli, and peppers. Experience classic favorites like these for yourself with the help of a fast and friendly delivery service.

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