Chinese Food in San Jose: Asian Favorites Delivered Right to Your Table!

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The Bay Area is known for its exquisite array of Asian cuisines. You will not even have to travel to Chinatown in San Francisco to enjoy it now that you can have amazing dishes delivered right to your door. Whether you are in the mood for Mongolian beef, dumplings or something else, you have plenty of options to choose from. The next time you start craving Chinese food in San Jose, you should absolutely try one of the following establishments:

Chinese food in San Jose

The best Chinese restaurants in the area will deliver your favorite dishes right to you!

Taiwan Taste

Anyone looking for delicious Chinese cuisine at an affordable price needs to try Taiwan Taste at some point. It has been a cornerstone of Saratoga for a while now, known throughout the community for offering fresh, modern interpretations of classic dishes. There are plenty of great lunch specials available Monday through Friday for your office. There are also plenty of family dinner options if you need to order food for everybody.

If you are looking for something warm to perk you up, then you need to try the beef noodle soup. The flavorful broth is accompanied by tender beef and freshly prepared vegetables. You can complement the dish by ordering a side of green onion pancakes, but there are plenty of other delicious appetizers to enjoy, such as pot stickers, spring rolls and house chicken salad. This wonderful mom-and-pop operation is sure to leave you full and satisfied.

Dumpling Depot

When you want delicious dumplings in a variety of flavors, you need to order from Dumpling Depot. Although this establishment has numerous traditional Chinese offerings, the dumplings really are the main attraction. This family business got its start in April of 2017, and it has already made a big impact from its location in downtown Sunnyvale. Every dumpling is made by hand and comes with the freshest ingredients the chefs can find. Finding bona fide Chinese food in San Jose can be a challenge, but with Dumpling Depot, the owners have successfully brought authentic Chinese dumplings to people of the Bay Area.

A popular option from this establishment is the Shanghai soup dumplings, also known as xiaolongbao. These dumplings come filled with pork and are served in a mouthwatering gelatin-gelled aspic soup. The portions are large here, and you will receive six dumplings with this particular dish. However, there are all kinds of dumplings you can try, including lamb, shrimp, fish, chicken, green chive and zucchini. This restaurant also has catering options available for when you need to feed five people.

Pearl River Chinese Restaurant

For over 40 years, Pearl River Chinese Restaurant has been a fixture in the Bay Area. This restaurant first opened its doors in 1982, and it derives its name from a gorgeous river in Canton, China. The top chef at this establishment has been preparing traditional Chinese cuisine since the 1970s. Pearl River Chinese Restaurant saw such great success throughout the decades that it was able to open a second location in 2005. Delicious food and a staff that values tradition make this a gem of a restaurant worth ordering from.

One item definitely worth trying is the imperial chicken. This dish consists of triple-layered boneless chicken with a bottom layer of crispy skin pressed with ground pork. It comes topped with the restaurant’s original special gravy. For an appetizer, you cannot go wrong with Pearl River’s cream cheese fried wontons. You receive six wontons in total with this order, and they contain the restaurant’s special recipe that includes marinated cream cheese wrapped inside the skin of the wonton. You also get sweet and sour sauce for dipping. This is one of the best places to get Chinese food in San Jose, and you do not even have to leave the house to enjoy it.

Find the Most Authentic Chinese Food in the Bay Area Today

There are so many Chinese restaurants in the Bay Area that it can be tough figuring out which ones you should order from for office lunch or family dinner. Fortunately, makes it easy to try out numerous places with ease. Now when you are in the mood for San Jose Chinese food, you only need to spend a few seconds placing your order and it will arrive to you in no time. You now have the convenience of having fresh, warm food delivered quickly, so you will not be hungry for long.

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