Spice Up Your Mexican Food Office Meals with These 5 Authentic Dishes – Just in Time for Cinco de Mayo!

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Tacos are amazing. Burritos are wonderful. And enchiladas can be downright divine. But, there’s so much more to Mexican food than these north-of-the-border chain restaurant staples!

Mexican food buffet at the office

Make sure your office’s Cinco de Mayo celebration is a festive affair.
Image source: Flickr user Andrew Mager

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner — a prime opportunity for celebratory office meals or post-work parties. And if you’re in charge of planning the affair, think of the impression your Mexican menu will make on your coworkers: a platter of tacos, chips, and salsa will be surely appreciated, but is also completely predictable. On the other hand, a table topped with less familiar dishes like pozole, elote, or mole poblano will instantly take the excitement up a notch!

And when it comes to office meals, the whole reason is to provide a festive break from the daily grind — especially on Cinco de Mayo. So here are a few ideas to get your party planning kicked into high gear:


Rich, layered, and complex, mole is a centuries-old recipe from the Oaxaca or Pueblo regions of Mexico (it’s still up for debate). Mole sauce is cooked for hours, and combines dozens of ingredients into a truly unique sauce, with hints of chile, chocolate, and nuts. There are literally hundreds of variations of mole sauces, with mole poblano being one of the most frequently used — and often served over chicken.

mole chicken

Deep, luscious mole over chicken.
Image source: Flickr user Art Bromage


This rich, thick, flavorful soup is usually made with pork, sometimes with chicken, but always with hominy. Hominy, which is what you have left after removing the hull and germ from kernels of corn, is puffy and chewy, and lends an amazing texture to this delicious, party-perfect appetizer.

posole in a bowl

Posole is a hearty Mexican soup.
Image source: Flickr user James Cohen

Tacos al pastor

We realize you might have a revolt on your hands if you stage Mexican office meals without tacos (especially on Cinco de Mayo)… but at least kick it up a notch and go for tacos al pastor. Tender pork, spicy chiles, roasted sweet pineapple, and a sprinkling of raw onions and cilantro make for a lot more depth and flavor than your usual standard taco.

tacos al pastor

Tacos al pastor are a delicious take on a Mexican classic.
Image source: Flickr user Megumi


A sweet, yellow ear of corn on the cob, piping hot, and slathered in a creamy mixture of mayo, cotija cheese, garlic, and chili powder: this is elote, and the traditional Mexican street food will be the best corn you’ve ever eaten. If you want something a little less messy, go for esquites — essentially the same dish, but served in cups instead of on the cob.

Elote corn on the cob

Elote is the best corn you’ve probably never eaten.
Image source: Flickr user becky berry

Fruta con chile

Another street food staple, this is a wonderfully refreshing addition to a Cinco de Mayo spread! Long slices of tropical fruit, like watermelon, pineapple, and mango, are arranged in cups and topped with a squeeze of lime juice, a sprinkle of salt, and a dusting of a special chile powder. Sweet fruit, tart lime, hot chile — the combination of flavors will leave your tastebuds tingling!

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