Fish 101: How to Order a Delicious, Healthy Seafood Delivery!

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We all know the scene: after a long morning at work and with a packed schedule for the afternoon ahead, you know you need a quick yet satisfying lunch to get you through the day. As you flip through the food delivery menus in the break room, you find the perfect solution: seafood.

OK, maybe that last part doesn’t actually happen very often. More often than not, when we’re stressed at work, we crave familiar favorites: pizza, burritos, even chicken fried rice. And even when we want to eat healthy, we default to a (hopefully) hearty salad or a deli sandwich on whole wheat bread. But if you don’t consider fish and other seafood when you want a more wholesome yet satisfying food delivery order, you’re really missing out!

seafood buffet

If you’re new to seafood, it’s hard to know where to start!
Image source: Flickr user Meal Makeover Moms

Fish is generally incredibly healthy. It’s a key component of the Mediterranean diet, and most nutrition experts recommend we eat servings of seafood at least twice per week. Yet many of us didn’t grow up eating seafood (fish sticks don’t count), and may feel a little uncomfortable about ordering an item we aren’t familiar with. Meat is easy: pork, beef, chicken, maybe lamb if we’re feeling wild and ordering gyros. But fish? Tilapia, cod, halibut, salmon, mahi mahi, swordfish — there are dozens of varieties, and each one has a unique flavor and texture.

If you’d like to include more fish in your food delivery routine, but don’t know quite where to start, here’s our rundown of five of the species you’re most likely to encounter on takeout menus… and what to expect when they show up on your plate! (There are so many delicious varieties that we’re covering more tomorrow – so stay tuned.)

grilled salmon

Salmon is richly flavored and incredibly good for you!
Image source: Flickr user Susan Lucas Hoffman

Salmon – Frequent star of the catering table or sushi platter, salmon is one of the healthiest fish you can eat, mostly thanks to its high levels of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is a bit “meatier” than some fish with regards to texture, and has a beautiful pink color, but it does have a distinctive flavor that may be a little too “fishy” for newcomers to the wide world of seafood. Try it out by ordering salmon tucked into in a roll with brown rice from the sushi place, blackened atop a lush green salad, or simply as a fillet with a freshly cooked vegetable alongside.

pan-friend tilapia

Tilapia is a mild, flaky white fish that’s a great starting point.
Image source: Flickr user jeffreyw

Tilapia – Sometimes called the “chicken of the sea” (not the canned kind) because of its nearly neutral taste, tilapia is perfect for seafood beginners. Flaky and white, this mild fish is also ideal for dieters, as it’s lower in fat and calories than the so-called “oily” fish, like tuna and salmon. Although occasionally frowned upon by chefs since it doesn’t possess an abundance of flavor, tilapia is still delicious when cooked simply with a little olive oil and lemon… but tilapia may be at its best when it’s grilled and served in fish tacos!

mahi mahi tacos

Mahi mahi is slightly sweet and delicious in fish tacos.
Image source: Flickr user Geoff Peters

Mahi mahi – Although sometimes called “dolphin fish”, you won’t be eating Flipper when you order mahi mahi (dolphins are merely a frequent swimming companion of mahi mahi, hence the nickname). Another mild fish, this Hawaiian native has a firmer texture than tilapia, and is a slightly more adventurous option for fish tacos.

Caesar salad with anchovies

A real Caesar salad will have anchovies chopped into the dressing – and occasionally laid on top of the greens.
Image source: Flickr user Jazz Guy

Anchovies – Smaller fish, like anchovies and sardines, are some of the healthiest fish out there, but their strong flavor can put off pickier eaters. If you’re up for the task, though, you’ll find plenty of omega-3 fatty acids and iron packed into these tiny fish. One way to ease into these little guys? Order from an Italian restaurant, choosing an authentic Caesar salad – the dressing will contain finely chopped anchovies.

sliced ahi tuna with ginger

Ahi tuna is best when only very lightly cooked, leaving a raw center.
Image source: Flickr user Hungry Dudes

Ahi tuna – Often the priciest option on the appetizer or salad menu, ahi tuna is a rare treat – literally. It’s often cooked very, very lightly, so the center will remain quite rare and purplish in color. The flavor is strong but sweet, so it’s a wonderful choice for someone who wants a little more taste than tilapia but isn’t quite ready for anchovies. An appetizer portion of ahi tuna makes for an incredibly healthy meal, or try it in sushi (preferably as sashimi or nigiri, so you can get the full flavor).

Whether you’re all aboard the seafood bandwagon or just dipping your toes in the water, can help you find the perfect option for your next food delivery. From sushi to salads, our easy online ordering makes it easy to explore the wide (and healthy) world of fish!

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2 responses to “Fish 101: How to Order a Delicious, Healthy Seafood Delivery!”

  1. dg says:

    This was a great article for me because I LOVE seafood, but like most people, don’t think about it in terms of getting it delivered! It’s nice to know that this option exists, and it’s a good way to sneak healthy convenience into one’s diet. I love how the author breaks down the description of 5 different fishes. I really like anchovies, and delivery or not, those are very easy to just buy at the grocery store and toss onto salads, pizzas, etc!

    • Sara says:

      Thanks DG! If you like anchovies, you’ve got a leg up already. For small fish, they certainly are packed with nutrients, and go well with a lot of other flavors.