Get Quick, Easy Chinese Delivery Around Los Altos!

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Chinese delivery hits the spot when you want to order out for lunch or dinner. There is a vast array of Asian-inspired restaurants in the Bay Area that specialize in all of your favorite cuisines. Before long, you can have sweet and sour pork or orange chicken delivered to your home or office. Nothing is quite as filling as traditional Chinese dishes. These restaurants will help guide you the next time you ask, “Where can I get Asian or Chinese delivery near me in Los Altos?”

Savory noodles with pork and vegetables make for the perfect lunch!

Pho Saigon Noodle House

Pho Saigon Noodle House is predominantly a Vietnamese restaurant. However, you will also find Chinese and Asian fusion dishes on the menu. This restaurant has been in the Milpitas community for many years now, and they always serve fantastic meals. You will be more than happy with the food you order because the customers always come first. Whether you want pho, a rice plate or a dessert, you will find something new to try every time you look at the selections.

One of the tastiest dishes on the menu is the Pho Ga Hoac Hu Ga. This is a rice noodle soup that contains a natural, tasty chicken broth. You will also find shredded chicken meat in the broth. It is perfect any day for lunch, but it also provides the right therapy if you have come down with a cold. Once you get it in front of you, you will want to slurp every last drop. Of course, no Asian meal would be complete without a Thai iced tea to wash everything down. This meal satisfies your appetite without slowing you down in the slightest.

Veggie Garden

For Bay Area residents who want a healthier option, you cannot go wrong with Veggie Garden. This establishment offers vegetarian and vegan twists on all of your favorite Chinese dishes. For example, the orange “chicken” does not actually contain any meat. However, it is so good you will not even notice. The chefs at Veggie Garden only use the freshest ingredients, and everything is cooked as soon as the customer orders it. You will find vitality in every dish. This restaurant is perfect when you ask your friends, “Where do you want to get Chinese delivery near me in Los Altos?”

As long as you order Monday through Friday, you can take advantage of Veggie Garden’s lunch specials. One popular item is the basil eggplant dish. This dish comes with eggplant and tofu, along with basil and red chili peppers, in a special house sauce. All of the lunch specials include a combination of noodles and rice or just brown rice. You can also add a small salad for a minimal fee. The lunch specials are only available until 2:30 p.m., so make sure you order well in advance to partake in a delicious meal.

Sizzling Gourmet

Sizzling Gourmet lives up to its name in more ways than one. The main attraction here is definitely the hot pots, which you can get as lunch specials. You can order one for just yourself or a pot to feed multiple people. Either way, this restaurant satisfies your cravings and is an easy answer when someone asks, “Where can I get great Chinese delivery near me in Los Altos?”

For all of the hot pots, you get to choose your protein. It also comes with an assortment of vegetables, which includes celery, broccoli, potatoes, cauliflower and bean sprouts. You would do well to get the lamb pot because the meat itself is spicy and has some garlic tones to it. Each piece of lamb is cooked to incredible tenderness, so you do not have to worry about getting gamey pieces of meat. You can order a small pot, which feeds one person, or a medium pot, which can serve two or three people. Once you have the hot pot, you will want to get it again to try it with different proteins.

Order Chinese Delivery Today

If you still do not know what you are having for lunch or dinner, then you should definitely check out one of these restaurants. Chinese delivery near Los Altos has never been simpler. With numerous first-class restaurants at your disposal, you can get delivery all the time with the help of

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