Corporate Lunch Catering Made Easy With These Fine Restaurants!

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What do you do when you want to impress the boss at the next big event at work? After you prepare your presentation in full, you want to get corporate lunch catering in Redwood City from one of the best restaurants in the area. Once you try these places, you will want them again for dinner at your house. You can get anything you want catered from pizza to Indian food. It all starts with a simple order from one of these fine establishments.

Patxi’s Chicago Pizza

Patxi’s Chicago Pizza is so much more than all those other pizza joints in town. The delicious food on the menu embodies the very best of what a great neighborhood restaurant should be. The secret to getting such great food is using fresh, local ingredients. There are various locations in the South Bay, including restaurants in Campbell, San Jose and San Carlos. However, for residents of Redwood City, it will be ideal to order from the one in Palo Alto.

Chicago is known for its deep-dish style pizza. You can have a taste of Chicago yourself next time you order from here by getting the Deep Dish Special. Your pizza will come stuffed with all-natural, garlic-fennel sausage along with onions, green peppers and mushrooms. It serves a lot of people, making it perfect for a big event. If you know what people in your office like, then you can even build your very own deep-dish pizza. You can choose all of your favorite toppings to make it customized to your place of work.

West Park Farm and Sea

Everyone wants to eat healthy these days. You can show people at the office you are committed to their health by getting future corporate lunch catering in Redwood City from West Park Farm and Sea. The menu is filled with healthy options. In addition to vegetarian and vegan options, you will find a breadth of locally sourced seafood. Nothing on the menu is made with GMOs. Your boss and coworkers will thank you for thinking of their health as you ordered.

You can order everyone at the corporate event a bowl or a wrap, but the real star of the table is going to be the beet hummus. When people see this, they will immediately dip in. Your order comes with pita bread, and it is a gluten-free and vegan option. Everyone loves pita bread, so make sure you order plenty on the side. You can even order your pita bread to be gluten-free. Take an assessment of the office ahead of time to see if you need to take dietary restrictions into consideration.

The Chennai Club

For authentic Indian cuisine, you need to order from The Chennai Club. All of the meals are made fresh to order. Only high-quality ingredients come through this restaurant so that you have the best experience possible. This establishment gets its name from Chennai, a city in India that rests on the Bay of Bengal. It is the capital of Tamil Nadu, and it is the originating spot of dosa, a popular break dish of the region. It is a unique fixture in the community, and it will make quite the impression the next time you need corporate lunch catering in Redwood City.

You will want to make sure you get something everyone will enjoy, and you cannot go wrong with chicken tikka. This is a traditional chicken dish of the region. Your coworkers can put as much chicken tikka as they want on their plates to head over to the main table to listen to your presentation. You should have dessert ready for the end of the corporate event, and you can really make an impression with strawberry Nutella dosa with kulfi. It will end the event on the sweetest note possible.

Order Tasty Food To Bring to the Office

Cater your next corporate lunch to impress your superiors. When they ask how you found such a great restaurant to order catering from, you can proudly respond, “” With this help, delicious meals will go straight to your office building or house. You are not limited to lunch. You can also order from all these places for dinnertime. Branch out and see all of the great places Redwood City has to offer.

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