Go Nuts For Healthy Office Snacks: New Study Shows Eating Nuts Reduces Disease

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When hunger strikes at 3 pm in the office, it’s hard to resist the call of the vending machine and its wares: crispy, salty, sweet, crunchy; whatever you crave, it can be yours for a few quarters. Think twice, though, before you press a button: every time you choose a little foil bag of potato chips or cookies over that unpopular packet of mixed nuts, you may be passing up a chance to live longer!

When it comes to healthy office snacks, new studies continue to show that nuts are one of the best choices you can make. People who snack on a handful of nuts every day live longer than those who don’t. They can reduce the risk of some cancers, the need for gallbladder surgery, and developing Type 2 diabetes. Some nuts may even have anti-aging effects due to their resveratrol content — and people who eat nuts daily are less likely to gain weight.

nuts on a catering table

Serving nuts at work can help reduce disease and obesity.
Image source: flickr user TenSafeFrogs

Anyone who went on a diet in the 1990s may be experiencing a flabbergasted knee-jerk reaction to this news. That’s right — although we were all told at the end of the 20th century that 1) snacking is bad, and 2) if you do snack, you should eat carefully engineered fat-free diet foods, not foods that are higher in calories and fat like nuts, we were woefully misinformed.

Most nuts are high in fat, it’s true – but they’re high in the healthy monounsaturated fats that don’t raise cholesterol. They’re also packed with fiber and protein, which means hungry people who snack on nuts will actually feel full and be less likely to overindulge later (we’re looking at you, potato chips). Sure, you don’t want to throw back an entire container of Planter’s in one sitting, but a handful of nuts will do a lot more to satisfy your hunger than the empty calories you usually eat out of a vending machine.

bagel with nut butter and apple slices

Swap donuts for whole wheat bagels with nut butter and fruit at the office breakfast.
Image source: flickr user thefranksterk

So what kind of nuts should we be munching on for our daily office snacks? Nutritionists suggest that eating a mix of different tree nuts (like almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pistachios, and pecans) is better than snacking on just one variety, since each kind contains its own unique blend of nutrients.

dish of nuts

Choose mixed nuts versus just one variety for added nutrients.
Image source: flickr user TheTravellingBum

Since nuts lower the risk of obesity and other chronic diseases, which send health care costs skyrocketing, any office that wants to prioritize employee wellness would be well-advised to make nuts part of the daily routine! Here are a few ways to go nuts at work:

  • Of course, a bowl of mixed nuts in the break room is a great start! Add a little dried fruit for sweetness, too.
  • During office breakfasts, serve sliced fruit and natural nut butters (i.e., without lots of added sugar) along with whole wheat bagels for a smart alternative to donuts.
  • When you order salads for lunch, provide a dish of crushed mix nuts to sprinkle on top instead of croutons.
  • Catering tables can be a goldmine for nut-studded dishes: think toasted almonds in green beans, walnuts and raisins mixed into brown rice, or salmon with a crust of crushed nuts.
  • Include high-quality peanut butter sandwiches on the next box lunch order — you might be surprised at how quickly they’ll go!

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