Catering in San Carlos: Food Delivery for Parties, Meetings and All Your Important Gatherings!

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When your goal is to find food to please the taste buds of groups gathered for workplace meetings, fun social nights at your home or other significant occasions, restaurants that offer local catering can help any event go smoothly. By getting informed about some of the best options for catering in San Carlos, you’ll see how easy it is to treat your hungry guests to food they’ll love. There are a few options worth your consideration in the area.

Catering in San Carlos

Find easy ways to feed the crowd at office meetings and family gatherings with food delivery from!

Village Cheese House

The Village Cheese House team has been making handcrafted sandwiches, soups and salads at this full-service deli for several decades and has made customer satisfaction a priority from the beginning. No matter what you order, expect it to be fresh and flavorful, especially since this establishment uses fresh produce and bread baked every day, along with top-quality meats and cheeses.

When fulfilling catering orders, the Village Cheese House offers choices ranging from boxed lunches to deli trays. That means you have options regardless of the size of your event or its purpose. One crowd-pleasing possibility is the Old Fashioned Sandwich. Ideal for people who come to your event feeling hungry, it’s a double-decker sandwich loaded with Swiss cheese, a choice of deli meat and pickles. Plus, the distinctive Village Cheese House signature spread completes this mouth-watering option.

LYFE Kitchen

When researching catering in San Carlos, people often want to do business with restaurants that offer healthy and sustainable fare. If those are among your aims too, consider getting food for your group at LYFE Kitchen. Its menu is filled with American comfort food that’s responsibly sourced and appealing to people who love creative menu options. For starters, the restaurant offers grass-fed beef, chicken that’s free from antibiotics and sustainably farmed salmon. Plus, the establishment’s greens are local and organically grown whenever possible. By deciding to order food from LYFE Kitchen, you’re doing your part to support the planet and serve healthy cuisine to your guests.

There are several LYFE Kitchen locations around the country but only one in Palo Alto. By ordering food made by this restaurant, you’ll see how easy it is to eat and serve food that’s good for you and tastes satisfying.

If you’re curious about what to order, the Quinoa Crunch Wrap is an excellent selection. It’s vegan and starts with a healthy, whole-wheat tortilla. Inside, you’ll find quinoa and arugula. Plus, because this wrap has cucumber, broccoli, tomato and avocado, people can get plenty of vegetables just from one meal. Chipotle vinaigrette complements the wrap’s ingredients, and fireman’s hot sauce completes the meal by offering a boost of heat that’s not overpowering.

Printers Cafe

This Palo Alto restaurant built its reputation on hearty sandwiches, along with delicious soups and fresh salads. It also helps people get their mornings off to a good start by offering breakfast fare that’s yummy enough to encourage people to greet the sunrise with smiles. Besides serving individuals in the area, Printers Cafe has an extensive menu for catering in San Carlos. Depending on needs, you can order boxed lunches or trays of desserts and sandwiches.

When ordering boxed lunches, you specify a choice of sandwich in each one. The California Chicken Breast Sandwich is one that Printers Cafe customers consider one of their go-to items on the restaurant’s enticing menu. It’s among the hot sandwiches on the menu. Besides the meat, it includes Monterey Jack cheese, plus avocado and lettuce. You can get the sandwich on your choice of bread, but Dutch Crunch is the recommended option. It has a slightly sweet flavor due to the rice flour and sugar paste that tops the bread before it’s baked. That coating gives the bread essential texture that relates to the second part of its name and makes it a regional favorite.

Boxed lunches at Printers Cafe also come with a side item — such as fruit or chips — plus a chocolate chip cookie. When ordering these, you can rest assured your guests have everything they need to enjoy delicious meals with limited effort on your part.

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There are clearly some outstanding options for catered food in San Carlos. Fortunately, gives you dozens of options and facilitates ordering main dishes, sides and beverages all in one place. It simplifies getting food to your doorstep, allowing you to concentrate on the other crucial aspects of a group gathering.

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