Bakeries in San Jose: The Best Bakeries To Start Your Day!

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As the center of Silicon Valley, San Jose is the place numerous people flock to for starting a business and raising a family. The city is notable for being a center of innovation, affluence and fine cuisine. If you have a sweet tooth, then you will delight at the mention that San Jose has numerous bakeries in the area for you to pick up tasty desserts for after lunch or dinner. There are also sandwiches, salads and so much else to have delivered to your home or office. Here are just a few of the top bakeries in San Jose that offers delivery for.

Delicious fresh fruit crepes are the perfect way to start your day!

Flower Flour

The people at Flower Flour have been cooking up delicious concoctions ever since 2005. You can certainly see the cooks’ bubbly and cheerful personalities have gone into every creation. While this bakery is known for its European-influenced treats, it also serves coffee beverages and exquisite lunches. This bakery prepares cakes for everything, including baptisms, birthdays, weddings and all kinds of special occasions. Make any event memorable with a fantastic dessert from here. In the event you need to order a whole cake to serve 10 people, then you will need to give the bakery 24 hours’ notice.

When you are in the mood for something sweet to start off your morning, you can order the delectable banana crepe. The crepe comes topped with banana slices and your choice of Nutella or chocolate. The crepe is rather large, so it is the perfect way to fill yourself up before going on with the rest of your day. Flower Flour also offers a full selection of beverages you can order alongside your meal. You can sip on a delicious house-brewed coffee or latte as you enjoy your crepe.

L’epi D’or Bakery

L’epi D’or Bakery is an intimate bakery that offers an array of Japanese, Taiwanese and other Asian-inspired baked goods. This establishment also offers bento boxes and bubble tea. The owner of L’epi D’or Bakery honed her skills throughout Japan and France through the 1970s, and later on in life, she managed to open this bakery from the ground up. It now serves the Bay Area with an eclectic mix of pastries and other tasty items.

There are numerous teas and juices you can order with your main dish. Many people in the area love the soy sauce pork bento. This dish includes rice topped with pork belly marinated in soy sauce along with a marinated hardboiled egg. It is a Taiwanese classic you have to taste to believe. You will not find other bakeries in San Jose that serve pork bento, so it is worth getting from here.

House of Bagels

You can have a taste of classic, New York–influenced bagels right here in California with House of Bagels. All the bagels made here come with a soft interior and a nice, chewy crust, just the way many people like it. For anyone who needs to provide snacks to a business function or event, you can order your choice of a baker’s dozen bagels, including cheese bagels at an extra cost. For fresh bagels, there really is no other place to turn to.

This bakery is known for its breakfast sandwiches, and you can go all in on the deluxe breakfast sandwich. It comes on your choice of bread. Inside, you will find eggs along with mushrooms, green onions, red onions, a slice of ham and cheddar cheese. It also comes with a healthy sprinkling of salt and pepper. Although it is a breakfast sandwich, it is served all day. Among all the bakeries in San Jose, this is a go-to destination for many residents of the area due to its fresh ingredients and amazing craftsmanship.

Fresh Baked Goods Delivered to Your Door

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and more can be delivered wherever you are with the help of The great part of all these San Jose bakeries is that you can be confident your meal will be made fresh right when you order it. It will then be delivered when it is still warm, so you will feel as though you have made it yourself. Whether you are at your house or at the office, you can kick back with a tasty meal without having to deal with parking and traffic.

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