American Food in Cupertino: The Best Local Eateries!

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Many people in the Bay Area have eclectic palates. However, sometimes it is nice to get back to the basics. Fortunately, there is no shortage of restaurants in the area that specialize in good, old-fashioned American cuisine. It does not matter if it is lunch or dinner time or if you are lounging at home or hard at work at the office. There are plenty of places you can have deliver to you when you crave American food in Cupertino.

A tasty pastrami burger with sliced roast beef and onion rings couldn’t be more tempting.

Kirk’s SteakBurgers

Kirk’s SteakBurgers has been a staple of the Campbell area since 1948. Although a lot has changed over the decades, one thing has remained constant. The cook here sure does know how to grill a good burger. Every burger cooked in the kitchen is made over genuine charcoal. It is cooked just the way you like it, whether that means well done or rare. Plus, there are plenty of delicious toppings and condiments to complete your meal.

You can certainly get a plain steak burger here if you want, but many people want to take a bite out of one of the signature creations. One of the most popular is the avocado bacon steak burger. As the name suggests, this tasty burger comes with freshly sliced avocado and bacon along with pepper jack cheese and Kirk’s special grill sauce. Naturally, no burger is complete without a side of fries. You have your choice of the restaurant’s specialty steak fries, or you can opt for the sweet potato fries. Once you take a bite, you will see why this place has stood the test of time. For American food in Cupertino, nothing beats an expertly crafted burger.

The Oxford

A bit of London has made its way to the Bay Area in the form of The Oxford. This restaurant first opened its doors in 2016, and it brings exceptional gastropub cuisine to local residents. There are plenty of unique, playful dishes on the menu to enjoy. Inspiration has been taken from a number of places, including India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Many of The Oxford’s dishes are made using organic, seasonal and local ingredients whenever possible.

There is plenty for everyone here, and when you want something outside the box, you need to order the spicy Jamaican braised goat bowl. In addition to the braised goat meat, this dish comes with various island curry spices, potatoes and Scotch bonnet peppers. All this comes on top of steamed rice. American cuisine draws inspiration from all over the world, and now you can have a taste of the Caribbean around Cupertino. The Oxford also offers catering. The next time you want to spice up your next event, consider ordering a few dishes from here.

Lalla Grill

Lalla Grill is so much more than another American restaurant. It has remained a family-owned establishment since 1992, and great care goes into every creation. This restaurant aims to use organic greens for many of its dishes whenever possible, and many of the ingredients are sourced locally in the Salinas Valley. Any of the seafood dishes come straight from Monterey Bay. Everything is made fresh daily, including Lalla Grill’s famous potato chips. The cuisine here is bold yet casual. American food in Cupertino gets taken to the next level right here.

When you want something savory on the weekend, you need to order the California eggs benedict. It is only available on weekends, so order it when you can. This dish consists of two poaches eggs, avocado and sliced turkey breast along with a healthy serving of hollandaise sauce. It comes with breakfast potatoes. Instead of going out for a fancy brunch, you can enjoy a first-class meal from anywhere. Bring some sweetness to your meal with a salted caramel iced coffee.

Find the Next Great American Meal Today makes it easy to enjoy a wider range of restaurants you may not have visited ordinarily. Your food will be delivered to your office or home quickly so that it stays fresh. These are just a small sampling of Cupertino’s best American food. You can find much more on the website, and you may just discover a new go-to restaurant. opens up so many possibilities for lunch, dinner and everything in between.


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