Surprising Starts: New Ideas for How to Serve the 9 Best Foods for Office Breakfasts

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The typical office breakfast — a box of donuts in the break room — isn’t doing employees or employers any favors. The fat and sugar will undermine any employee efforts at healthy eating and weight loss, along with causing a spike-and-crash blood sugar effect that will drain energy levels and productivity. If the donuts are there as a celebration or thank you gesture, guess what? Nothing says “I didn’t put much thought into this” like a box of donuts and a pile of napkins.

boxes of donuts and pastries

Think outside the donut box when it comes to office breakfasts.
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Nothing against donuts — they’re delicious. But there are so many other better options for office breakfasts! Whether the goal is to communicate a message (be it “Job well done” or even “Happy birthday!”), improve employee health, or boost office productivity, ditch the donuts and choose a healthier, more exciting alternative.

If you’re aiming to incorporate an office breakfast as part of an employee wellness plan, heed the advice of nutritionists and serve a breakfast that packs a combined punch of protein and good carbs (the complex, slower-to-digest kind found in whole grains, rather than the simple, blood-sugar-spiking kind of carbs in, well, donuts). Healthy breakfasts have the added bonus for employers of boosting productivity and focus throughout the day. And healthy breakfasts don’t have to be as boring as a bowl of oatmeal; there are plenty of smart breakfast foods that will still deliver the message of appreciation you’re looking to send. 

With those goals in mind, here are our nine best foods to serve for office breakfasts…

At a continental-style spread:

Greek yogurt is full of protein and calcium. Provide smart toppings like brain-boosting blueberries and heart-healthy nuts for a more nutritious, less sugary alternative to flavored yogurts.

bowl of berries next to laptop

Boost concentration & focus with berries!
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Serve whole-wheat bagels with almond butter instead of cream cheese to provide healthy fats and protein along with a dose of whole grains. Better yet, splurge on cured salmon: the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon have been linked to improved focus.

During heartier sit-down meals:

Don’t skimp on the yolks and serve whole eggs. While egg white omelets may be lower in calories and cholesterol, you’ll be missing out on the choline found in the yolks: this vitamin- group nutrient is associated with a better memory.

Up the unexpected-entree ante with breakfast tacos. A staple from Austin, Texas (and other Southwestern cities), breakfast tacos are available at many Mexican restaurants. Opt for corn tortillas, scrambled eggs, black beans, peppers, onions, and top with avocado and salsa for a filling, veggie-packed breakfast. Fiber from the beans, healthy fats from the avocado, and protein from the eggs: done right, breakfast tacos provide an unbeatable combination with plenty of flavor!

breakfast tacos with avocado

Breakfast tacos can pack a healthy, flavorful punch!
Image source: Flickr User calamity_hane

Another unconventional morning meal that’s seen a recent boost in popularity? Freshly-made breakfast pizza. Think of a crust without tomato sauce but covered in vegetables, cheese, eggs, and a sprinkling of breakfast-friendly meats like ham or bacon. Order up a whole-wheat crust and top with a dark leafy green like kale or arugula for an extra boost of B-vitamins and folic acid, which promote memory and focus.

breakfast pizza with eggs

For another unexpected option, consider a breakfast pizza delivery.
Image source: Flickr User Valerie Hinojosa

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