Hosting a Successful Office Breakfast: 5 Ways to Make the Morning Special

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Especially during the holidays, many companies throw lavish parties to celebrate, build social bonds, and show appreciation for their hard-working employees. The wine flows freely, the frocks are festive, and fun ensues. Of course, there’s always the added stress of keeping any inebriated employees away from the copy machine and crossing your fingers that no one gets the inspired idea of roasting the boss!

However, not every business can afford extravagant menus, open bars, or even the time it takes to plan and execute a soiree… but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with your team! Show your appreciation for your staff’s hard work with a festive — but feasible — office breakfast. Make it an occasion to remember with our five tips for hosting a successful office breakfast:

office breakfast

Provide a time & place for your staff to celebrate together. Image source: flickr user Pioneer Library System

1) Set aside a specific block of time to celebrate together. Simply putting a box of doughnuts in the break room and emailing out an open invitation to “help yourself” is far from festive, and it doesn’t have the same impact as making an office breakfast a truly special occasion. By allowing employees to take an hour out of their workday to celebrate, you’ll communicate just how much you appreciate their contributions and that it’s worth taking the time to recognize their efforts. Gathering everyone together also reinforces the social bonds within the workplace, which are key to employee satisfaction. A bunch of employees huddled over their desks with doughnuts in hand is far from a party, after all!

Box of doughnuts and pastries

Think beyond pastries, and provide a wide array of items. Image source: flickr user pattie74_99

2) Offer a diverse menu for all kinds of diets. The last thing a team celebration should accomplish is making one of its members feel as though they don’t belong. An omelet bar offers customization for vegetarians, and a serve-yourself oatmeal station with a festive assortment of toppings will ensure vegans have an egg-free option. Include an assortment of pastries for employees who want to indulge, but offer a lower-calorie alternative, like a beautiful fruit bowl or Greek yogurt for those who are trying to stick to a healthy diet.

3) Splurge on a special item! Having a tray of bagels? Offer lox along with cream cheese for a little something extra (pre-portion servings on small plates if you’re concerned about only precisely ordering what you need). Instead of serving the everyday brew, take a latte order to have everyone’s favorite espresso drink included in a coffee delivery. A quality cheese board isn’t out of place at breakfast, but is unusual enough that it will make the occasion more memorable. These small touches will help communicate that the breakfast is a break from the everyday grind and a time to share appreciation for a job well done. 

glasses of champagne toasting

Raise a glass to celebrate with your team! Image source: flickr user dey

4) Don’t forget the bubbly. A little splash of Prosecco in your orange juice won’t leave anyone feeling loopy, but will add an unforgettable air of celebration to the occasion! If you want to avoid alcohol altogether (which may be the reason for choosing an office breakfast in the first place, rather than a happy hour or dinner party), supply a few bottles of sparkling cider. Again, the point of the occasion is to make your staff feel special — and somehow nothing feels as special as raising a champagne glass for a toast… even if it’s made of plastic.

5) Save time with Don’t let planning and executing an office meal put a stress on your staff. With easy online food ordering and creative catering solutions, makes meal planning a breeze. Keep the focus on the food and the people, and let the professionals take care of delivering the food to you!

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