7 Small Steps to Healthier Office Lunches: From Mindful Eating to Slurping Soup

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June is National Employee Wellness Month, and organizations across the country are taking part in fitness challenges, weight management programs, and smoking cessation efforts. And while making big life changes like quitting smoking or starting an exercise plan is undeniably awesome, sometimes taking small steps in a healthier direction can be just as powerful — simply because they’re more likely to stick.

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Small changes can make a big difference during your lunch break.
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When it comes to being healthy at work, there’s no easier (or more productive) place to start than office lunches. Even if your company isn’t participating in any formal wellness activities this month, consider trying out one of these ideas for two weeks. You’ll feel more energetic, better about your health, and even better about your job! And if you can bring a coworker or two on board, you’ll find it becomes much easier to stick to your goals.

1) Start your lunch break with a walk. If you’re able to take half an hour each day to enjoy a brisk stroll, you’ll burn calories and reduce your risk for many diseases — including depression. And if you can’t take half an hour at lunch, take fifteen minutes. Every step counts, and the mental break from your desk will help boost your productivity for the rest of the day.

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Raspberries are a high-fiber addition for your next office lunch.
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2) Add some fiber to your lunch every day. Fiber is what makes you feel full, and helps maintain your energy levels during the afternoon (fiber is also what makes whole grains superior to their processed, refined, white-bread counterparts). A few easy ways to add fiber to your lunch: have an apple, skin and all; swap brown rice for white from the Chinese place; have a side of black beans instead of chips and salsa at the Mexican place; have raspberries for dessert instead of a cookie; or add a serving of seeds (like pumpkin or sunflower) to your salad.

3) Don’t eat in front of your computer. Taking the time to sit down and focus on your meal means you’re much more likely to eat less and enjoy it more than when you mindlessly chow down while checking emails or even browsing for fun. Put the screen(s) away and engage in what some proponents refer to as “mindful eating”.

cup of miso soup

Start your meal with broth-based soup, and you’ll consume fewer calories.
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4) Start your meal with a cup of broth-based soup. Even if everything else you eat is the same, research suggests that starting with soup will help you consume fewer calories during the remainder of your lunch break.

5) One day a week, eat a meatless meal. Just this one change can help reduce your risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases… and it can help you learn how delicious and satisfying vegetarian office lunches can actually be.

banana by a keyboard

Tuck away a healthy snack for the afternoon.
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6) When you order takeout or delivery, add an extra healthy side to your meal and save it for a snack. Whether it’s a bag of air-popped popcorn, a piece of whole fruit, a lightly-dressed side salad, or a cup of steamed vegetables, having something tasty and wholesome waiting for your 3pm cravings will keep you away from the vending machine’s temptations.

7) Half an hour before your lunch break begins, drink a big glass of water. Many times we mistake thirst for hunger, and eat more food when what our bodies are actually craving is hydration. Plus, similar to the soup trick above, filling your stomach with liquid will help prevent overeating… and staying hydrated will help you feel energetic all day long.

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