5 Amazing International Dishes to Wake Up Your Breakfast Meetings

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Early breakfast meetings are not a favorite of most employees. Getting less sleep, disrupting a normal routine, perhaps drinking too much coffee – not exactly the ideal way to start a productive day. But, sometimes they’re unavoidable: a decision has to be made, a deadline needs to be met, and first thing in the morning is the only time to get it done (usually, before the clients come in!).

And that’s where the actual breakfast part of the equation becomes crucial. If you’re asking your team to come in early, a little thought and creativity in the menu planning can go a long way. Make it worth their while to get out of bed an hour earlier: replace that boring plate of blueberry muffins or the box of sugary donuts (which are like little ticking time bombs of blood sugar crashes) with one of these amazing, global-inspired dishes. Having an interesting breakfast to look forward to makes it a little easier to get out of bed — and lets your employees know you appreciate their extra efforts!

breakfast pierogi with blueberries

Fruit-filled breakfast pierogi are a tasty alternative to boring old blueberry muffins.
Image source: Flickr user kurmanphotos

Kaya toast 

Restaurant industry insiders predict that Asian-inspired breakfast dishes are one of the next big food trends — and the Singaporean breakfast staple, kaya toast, is just one delicious example. Never heard of kaya toast? It’s essentially toast slathered with kaya jam, a concoction of coconut, sugar, and eggs flavored with pandan, a fragrant leaf that adds a nutty note to the jam. Kaya toast is often served with soft-boiled eggs, so you’ll even get a little protein along with the sticky-sweet kaya jam.


If you think huevos rancheros are the only Mexican contribution to the most important meal of the day, then you really need to serve migas at your next breakfast meeting. There are a few different versions throughout the Spanish-speaking world, but we’re most fond of the Tex-Mex take on migas: eggs scrambled up with scraps of corn tortillas, onions, spicy green chiles, and juicy tomatoes. Oh, and cheese, of course, and usually topped with salsa or paired with refried beans. 


There are almost as many ways to spell pierogi as there are to eat them! These stuffed, pan-fried dumplings are a classic dish in Poland, and in parts of the U.S. rich in Polish heritage, like Ohio and Pennsylvania. Potatoes, cheese, and caramelized onions are the standard pierogi fillings, but you could add scrambled eggs and bacon for more familiar breakfast flavor — or go for a sweet option with berries and powdered sugar. Really, it’s hard to go wrong with pierogi – but if you choose savory, make sure there’s a dollop of sour cream on top!

Kimchi omelette

Another Asian-inspired import, this twist on a breakfast classic takes a page from Korean cuisine: kimchi. The fermented cabbage, used as a condiment in many Korean dishes, is added to an otherwise typical omelet. Along with the kimchi comes a savory kick of flavor and a little crunch that you don’t usually find at the breakfast table without dousing your meal in hot sauce.


OK, frühstück is actually just the German word for breakfast, but there’s not really a better name for the classic spread: German breads and rolls served with honey and jam, with a few hunks of cheese and sliced cold meats alongside. A German breakfast may not be a lavish one, but it’s an unusual alternative to a traditional continental-style breakfast — and one that will still satisfy picky eaters who might raise an eyebrow at eating kimchi for breakfast!  

These dishes may be a little harder to find than the typical bagels and donuts, but it’s well worth putting a little extra planning into your morning menus! Serving unexpected dishes makes breakfast meetings more of a treat and less of a chore — so start browsing the menus from Waiter.com to find the perfect fare for your next early morning engagement!


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8 responses to “5 Amazing International Dishes to Wake Up Your Breakfast Meetings”

  1. jw says:

    I’m going to be using one of these at our weekly team meeting next week….what better way to get everyone thinking outside of the box than with a creative breakfast that also didn’t just come from a box!

  2. Jamseon says:

    I love the idea of spicing up breakfast with international dishes – all too often we get stuck in the rut of the standard eggs, bacon, and toast buffet line. I especially think things like the Kimchi Omelette and Pierogies will start some interesting conversations and get people excited about enjoying their breakfast!

    • Sara says:

      Not that there’s anything wrong with bacon, but I couldn’t agree more. Providing food at meetings should be a nice bonus, and a way to make it “worth your while” for attending. When the food is boring and predictable, it totally detracts from the impact of that message! Interesting food makes a much bigger impression – and you’re right, serve as a conversation starter too!

  3. Lindsay says:

    I actually love the idea of breakfast meetings (if I have to be in a meeting, why not get to enjoy delicious breakfast food!). I love both kimchi and omelettes so the kimchi omelette definitely stands out for me. I would make that dish at home for myself!

    • Sara says:

      It can be really nice to get a meeting out of the way – and fill your belly at the same time! Let us know how the kimchi omelette goes if you try it at home!

  4. Terri says:

    I always take time for lunch no matter how busy I am. Eating the same meals has been a weight loss secret I have had for a long time. It always works as long as I choose something healthy!