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Millbrae is home to a long stretch of hotels and some of the best schools in the Bay Area. It also has a lot of hungry people, and those people can order delivery from nearby restaurants. Whether you need something to keep you going on your lunch break or require a late dinner at home, there is no shortage of fantastic places to choose from. Your meal will be delivered directly to your office, so you can stay at your computer while someone else makes the food. Stay full with all of these options for office lunch delivery in Millbrae.

Flavorful kebab meat on a freshly made pita roll.

Tannourine Restaurant

Since 2008, Tannourine Restaurant has served delicious Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine to the people of the Bay Area. Most people know this restaurant for its incredible mezza dishes, lamb shank and mixed grilled kabobs. Fresh seafood is always on the menu, so you can also get the catch of the day. The aspect of Tannourine that really makes it stand out is the eclectic assortment of herbs and spices that are used in the recipes rather than sauces. Running this establishment is a family effort, and you can taste that homemade quality in every dish.

One dish you must try from Tannourine is the lamb shank entrée. You get stewed lamb shanks in a tomato sauce along with garlic, onion and bell peppers. The lamb shank itself is so tender you will wonder why all meat is not prepared this way. It comes on a bed of rice, and the dish also comes with baba ghanoush, hummus and garnish. This is a plentiful entrée that will give you more than enough food to get through the rest of the day.


Anyone craving Italian food will want to check out Delizie. This restaurant first came to the Bay Area in 2012, and it has offered delicious Southern Italian cooking. “Delizie” is Italian for “delicious,” and that is precisely what you will be thinking of your food when you take that first bite. The passion for food here is evident, and you would do well to get your next office lunch delivery in Millbrae from a place that knows how to make a pristine farfalle al salmone.

One of the most popular pasta dishes from Delizie is the above-mentioned farfalle al salmone. It consists of butterfly pasta and perfectly smoked salmon. White onions complete the flavor profile, and it is topped with tomato cream sauce. It comes in a large-enough portion to where you may need to take some home with you. You should make sure there is enough space in the office fridge for a small box, as many people find they can get two meals for the price of one when ordering from Delizie.

Mediterranean Kebab

For over a decade, Mediterranean Kebab has served rich, delicious meals to the people around Millbrae. The recipes used here hail from Greece, Turkey and the greater Middle East. When you want great food at reasonable prices, you cannot do much better than by ordering from this centerpiece of the Bay Area community. With such a great selection of dishes, your next office lunch delivery in Millbrae can be anything your heart desires.

For a healthy, hearty meal, you can order the Mediterranean salad. It is a fully vegetarian dish that comes with pita bread. The salad itself is made up of iceberg and romaine lettuce, cucumbers, red cabbage, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, lemon dressing and olive oil. No substitutions are allowed, but with such fresh greenery, you will not need to add anything else to your dish. For dessert, you can enjoy some traditional rice pudding or baklava.

Find Tasty Meals at Great Prices Today

Get delivery for your next office lunch in Millbrae. With so many restaurants nearby, there is always something new to try. You can order lunch Monday through Friday with a different type of cuisine at your desk. However, if work is hectic, then you can get delivery for dinner at your house. It is always nice to break out of your routine every once in a while and order from a restaurant you had previously never heard of before. You have plenty of options to choose from, so place your order from any restaurant that works with to deliver tasty food to the masses.

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