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What does everyone usually eat around your office? Do people typically bring their own lunches, or do they walk to nearby restaurants to grab a bite? You can become the envy of everyone you work with when you order office lunch delivery in Burlingame. There are plenty of restaurants in close cities you can order from and get delivered in no time. You should also keep the following places in mind when you have to order dinner at home later.

A fresh poke bowl for your office lunch delivery.
Delicious organic Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl with Rice and Veggies.

Truffle Butter Poke Bar

Poke has made waves in the United States in recent years. You can see what all the fuss is about by ordering a meal from Truffle Butter Poke Bar for your next lunch. This establishment got its start in 2016 when Chef Rafi Haddad wanted to bring Hawaiian/Japanese fusion dishes to the Bay Area. He wanted to provide a first-class culinary experience in a comfortable, low-key environment. He truly succeeded with Truffle Butter Poke Bar, which provides delicious dishes, aromatic freshness and vibrant colors. You can experience a poke bowl like no other.

You can certainly create your own poke bowl if there is something in particular you want. However, if you do not want to do much thinking, then you can always order Rafi’s Pick bowl. It comes with salmon, ahi, shrimp, Hamachi, seaweed, crispy onions, kimchi and a miso habanero/truffle aioli. You can get either a three-ounce or five-ounce bowl, depending on how much seafood you think you can eat. It is fresh, healthy and the perfect way to reenergize yourself in the middle of the workday.

Cafe 400

Since 1991, Cafe 400 has been keeping the people of the Bay Area full and satisfied. It is the perfect place to order from when you are in the mood for freshly-prepared sandwiches, breakfast dishes, salads and so much more. Cafe 400 actually got its start as a tiny convenience shop that mainly sold chips and soda. The owners realized people in the area wanted something more, so they added sandwiches to their offerings, and things have never been the same. For fast, simple office lunch delivery in Burlingame, Cafe 400 is a necessity.

The paninis are where Cafe 400 shines. One of the most popular sandwiches Bay Area residents tend to order is the San Mateo panini. It comes with healthy servings of avocado, bacon and turkey. With plenty of protein, it is sure to satiate your appetite when you start hearing your stomach rumbling. For a little extra pizzazz, you can order a smoothie along with your meal. The eye opener smoothie, which comes with orange juice, yogurt, banana, honey and a protein boost, will be the perfect thing to sip on for the rest of the afternoon.

Joy Sushi

Joy Sushi specializes in rolls you cannot find anywhere else. The cooks believe sushi should be more than just raw fish and rice rolled together. Since 2005, the restaurant has brought authentic Japanese cuisine to San Mateo and beyond. There is something for everyone here with vegetarians being able to order one of the several veggie rolls on the menu. There are also donburi rice bowls and charbroiled chicken entrees if you feel like having something a little different from sushi. It lives up to its name by being an absolute joy to order from.

Joy Sushi changes what is possible with office lunch delivery in Burlingame. The lunch bento box is perfect for the hardworking professional at the office. You can get either two or three items in your box, and you can choose between chicken teriyaki, gyoza, sushi, mixed tempura, barbecue beef short ribs and so much more. The bento box also comes with salad and rice. It is only available until 3 p.m., so make sure to put in your order early enough.

Order a Tasty Lunch You Will Not Soon Forget

Getting good food from a restaurant while you are at work should never feel like a chore. Thanks to, you are no longer limited to the establishments that are within the same block as your company. Now you can get lunches delivered from all over Burlingame and nearby cities, such as San Mateo and Millbrae. Place your order right away when you start having some cravings. All the restaurants mentioned here are also good for when you want dinner at home. Great food is now at your fingertips at all times.

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