Sushi in Los Altos: Try Your Favorites or Something New!

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Los Altos offers dozens of restaurants that create sushi and Japanese cuisine for its guests, but how do you decide which one you are most interested in trying? And what if you aren’t in the mood to head out to a restaurant? Several restaurants can deliver their best dishes right to your front door. Whether you’re in the office for lunch or want a family dinner in front of your favorite movie, check out these restaurants to get some of the best Japanese food and sushi in Los Altos. The hardest part will be deciding which tasty menu item to order first from

Sushi in Los Altos

Tuna shashimi, California roll and new kinds of sushi you’ll love!

Seto Restaurant

Located on Borregas Avenue, Seto Restaurant has been serving Japanese cuisine to diners for more than 30 years and prides itself on its unique creations and high-quality ingredients. The chefs specialize in creating meals to make your mouth water and that are filling enough to satiate you but light enough to keep you energized. A full menu is available for delivery and includes skewered, fried and broiled appetizers; pork, chicken and beef menu items; plates for two or three people; and a range of other options. Sushi, nigiri sushi and hosomaki sushi are also popular, and a children’s menu is available.

One of the most popular menu items is the tuna sashimi. Order this sliced raw tuna alone or order the tekka don to get it served on top of sushi rice. Lovers of the dish claim it’s some of the freshest tuna they’ve ever tasted. Other popular items at Seto Restaurant include the beef teriyaki, the Seto chirashi and the California rolls. If you’re having trouble deciding which one to try, opt for a combination dinner or bento box that allows for more than one main dish.

Kiku Sushi

Serving sushi in Los Altos to hungry people from its location on South De Anza Boulevard, Kiku Sushi has been a favorite for more than three decades. What makes it so popular? Guests say it’s knowing they’ll receive fresh ingredients every time they order. The restaurant offers a popular sushi menu as well as a full menu for those who are in the mood for something else. Guests can start with a hot or cold appetizer before moving on to sushi, combination dinners, poki bowls, donburi, teriyaki, tempura or a range of fried items.

Are you feeling at a loss for what to order? A guest favorite is the Kiku of Cupertino roll. This specialized dish includes lightly fried salmon, white tuna, tobiko, tuna and just a touch of avocado. Guests also rave about the salmon teriyaki and love that it is a huge and crispy piece that comes with the dish. Of course, if you can’t decide, try the 8-piece meal called the Special Crazy Roll. These spiny tuna and shrimp tempura pieces are topped with tobiko, avocado and unagi. Don’t forget to order dessert! Kiku Sushi offers green tea, azuki or mochi ice cream. Green tea cheesecake is also available.

Bay Sushi

For excellent sushi, look no further than Bay Sushi on Hollenbeck Avenue. Known for using the freshest ingredients to create generous portions of sushi and other Japanese favorites, the restaurant offers a full menu for its guests. From chef’s specials such as the Dynamite Roll of deep-fried spicy tuna and seaweed to appetizers, maki sushi, donburi or chicken teriyaki, the menu offers something for nearly everybody.

The bento boxes are some of the most popular items on the menu and include two or three items that are served with steamed rice and salad. Other favorites include the katsu don, a pork cutlet served with vegetables and an egg over rice, and the super California roll, which is served with crab and avocado inside and unagi outside. For dessert, you can order New York cheesecake, tiramisu or one of many popular candy bars.

Order Lunch or Dinner Today

Whether you want a tasty California roll, hot and spicy tuna or your favorite warm Japanese dish, you can have Los Altos sushi delivered to your home or office. Check out some of these restaurants for excellent-tasting sushi in Los Altos, or try one of dozens of other restaurants until you find the taste you’re looking for when it’s time for lunch or dinner. No matter what, you’ll have great food delivered right to your door.

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