San Francisco Deli Food: Consistently Delicious Options for Meal Delivery!

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Make the most out of your lunch break by enjoying a sandwich filled with the freshest cuts of meat. San Francisco deli food is plentiful, but you may be wondering which places are worth a try. makes it easy to get food from an array of restaurants, with delivery direct to your address. That means you can order from the comfort of your desk and soon have a delicious sandwich show up at your office or home. With these restaurants, you will never be at a loss for what to order.

San Francisco deli food

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’ll find the best deli food from restaurants on

Sammy’s Cafe

Located in the heart of San Francisco on Nob Hill, Sammy’s Cafe offers a number of different sandwiches suitable for any time of day. Get a toasted bagel sandwich to wake you up in the morning or a specialty hot sandwich to end your day on a peaceful note. One option that sets this establishment apart is the ability for customers to build their own sandwiches. You can select something to eat perfectly designed for your palate.

There are numerous breakfast options available, and you should try the eggs and cheese sandwich when you get the chance. The ideal way to start your day off right, it comes served with two eggs and American cheese. You then have your choice of whatever meat and toppings you want on your sandwich. In addition to many kinds of sandwiches, Sammy’s Cafe also offers numerous pastries for a sweet end to your meal. Make sure you order banana loaf cake, a blueberry muffin or a croissant for a tasty dessert.

Monterey Deli

Monterey Deli is a true one-stop shop to have a well-rounded meal. In addition to carrying an array of sandwiches, this establishment also offers various sweets and chocolates for you to dine on. This is a locally run shop that is passionate about its products and will ensure you get a quality sandwich every time. San Francisco deli food has been perfected at Monterey Deli, and once you have a bite, you will be coming back for more.

Monterey Deli uses quality Boar’s Head meats in all its sandwiches. If you want a filling meal, then look no further than the turkey club sandwich. This item is available until 5:00 p.m., and it comes with turkey, bacon, Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickles, red onion and peppers. You can also swap out the type of bread you want, so whether you prefer Dutch crunch bread or a soft roll, your sandwich can be prepared precisely how you would make it for yourself at home.

Cheese Steak Shop

The first Cheese Steak Shop opened in 1982 in San Francisco. The founders, Kathy and Keith Layton, wanted to bring their love of Philly cheese steaks to the Bay Area. For the past 30 years, this restaurant has brought authentic cheese steaks to the masses, using only the freshest and best quality ingredients available. The founders have a strong commitment to giving San Franciscans an authentic Philadelphia experience, so they actually source specialty items, such as Amoroso rolls, directly from bakeries in Philadelphia. All sandwiches are made on order, so you can be certain you will bite into something hot and fresh.

If you are starving, then there is one item on Cheese Steak Shop’s menu that can almost certainly fill you up: the King of Philly. This sandwich is similar to the standard Philly cheese steak, but it comes with substantially more meat and cheese. All of this is stacked high on a tasty Amoroso Italian roll. You have your choice of chicken or steak, and you can decide whether you want sweet pepper and grilled onions on top. You can also order this sandwich as part of a value meal, which comes with a fountain soda and a side. Cheese Steak Shop is a staple of the San Francisco deli food market, so put ordering from here on your to-do list.

Get Deli Food Delivered Straight to You

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