Mountain View Food Near Me: Want Easy Meal Options? Find Something for Everyone!

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Mountain View and the surrounding cities in the Bay Area are home to some of the best restaurants in the state that offer delivery. In addition to there being a large quantity of eating establishments, there are also many different types of cuisines. From standard pizza to Korean barbecue, you can have something unique to eat every day of the week. This is very helpful when you order a lot of food for your family or coworkers who want to mix things up often. Order from one of these great places on the next time you start thinking, ‘I need delicious Mountain View food near me.’

Mountain View food near me

Ready to try something for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Enjoy meals with delivery from!

Slice Poke Bar

Slice Poke Bar is a relatively new restaurant, having opened its doors in 2016. The founders were quite taken with the idea of poke after seeing it in Southern California. The founders wanted to bring the concept to the Bay Area. Today, Mountain View residents can enjoy healthy, fun poke options that only use the finest cuts of fish. To show appreciation for Hawaiian culture, where poke derives, the founders brought in Aaron Kai, a Hawaiian native, to display his artwork in the restaurant’s gallery.

Many people like to build their own poke bowl. They select the base, protein, toppings, topping sauce and base sauce. However, if you do not feel like picking and choosing, then you cannot go wrong with the OG Bowl. This dish features a combination of tuna and Slice Poke Bar’s traditional sauce. It comes topped with avocado, sesame seeds, onions, green onions and dried seaweed flakes. For any bowl you order, you can either get it in regular size, which comes with three scoops of protein, or large size, which comes with four scoops.

Bona Pizza

Enjoy some of the tastiest pizza you have ever tried in Mountain View with Bona Pizza. This place is a family-owned and -operated business that offers specialty pizzas you will not be able to find anywhere else in the Bay Area. The thing that really sets Bona Pizza apart from other pizza places is the fact the workers make the dough fresh daily. They create the dough through a delicate process, infusing it with cold and hot water to ensure it browns beautifully in the oven. You cannot go wrong with pizza when you think to yourself, “I have a hankering for some tasty Mountain View food near me.”

There are plenty of specialty pizzas to try. Many customers have expressed their delight with the chicken pesto pizza. This dish comes with a delicious pesto sauce, grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese, red onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic and artichoke hearts. You can get your pizza to either come in medium (12”), large (14”) or extra large (16”). Additionally, if you feel like customizing your pizza, then feel free to do so. Extra toppings come with an added charge.

Danbi Korean Restaurant

Located in the heart of San Jose, Danbi Korean Restaurant offers many eclectic dishes. This is a family-run establishment, and once you order from here, you will definitely be ordering again. From soft-tofu soups to exceptionally cooked Korean barbecue meats, everyone in your group will find something to order from here.

To get the full Korean experience, you need to try the non-stone pot rice bowl (bibimbap). This item is very popular with locals. It consists of rice topped with beef, an egg and plenty of vegetables. If you are not a huge fan of beef, the you can substitute it with tofu or chicken. It also comes with side dishes and kimchi. There are plenty of shared plates and starters to get if you are ordering for a group. Spicy rice cakes, pot stickers and edamame are all perfect for rounding out your meal. Make your next ordering-out experience a memorable one by getting food from Danbi Korean Restaurant when you ask yourself, “Where can I find awesome Mountain View food near me?”

Find Your New Favorite Restaurant Today

Trying new and delicious food in Mountain View has never been easier. You can try dishes from all of these restaurants from the comfort of your living room when you order from You no longer have to wait in line when you can click a few buttons and have food delivered directly to you.

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