Indian Food in Santa Clara: Try Something New Delivered Right to Your Door!

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When you want food that is a cut above the ordinary, you want to order Indian food in Santa Clara. North and South Indian food is full of culinary treasures. Treat yourself to your favorite dishes or discover something new with the help of delivery. Here are some of the restaurants that will deliver piping hot, right to your door.

Indian food in Santa Clara

Homestyle Indian food with something for every palate!


Ulavacharu offers generous portions of homestyle Indian food in Santa Clara. Located conveniently on east El Camino Real in Sunnyvale, Ulavacharu has a wide range of vegetarian and meat dishes to suit the tastes of every diner. The food is spiced to your preference so you can easily adjust the heat of your favorite dish.

The biryani is a standout favorite among Ulavacharu diners. This basmati rice-based dish is filled with a bold blend of spices then rounded out with generous helpings of saffron, cashews, and meat or vegetables. The chicken biryani and vegetable biryani are two popular selections. The vegetable biryani is served with raita and salad; the chicken biryani is served with raita and chicken sherwa.

Biryani Bowl

Biryani Bowl may look unassuming from the outside, but inside you will find a wide selection of great Indian dishes served up for lunch and dinner. This is a great menu to order from if you really want to make an impression on someone – or if you just want to treat yourself to a memorable, delicious meal. Indian food boasts a rich variety of meats and vegetables; there is sure to be something to please everyone in your group.

As the name suggests, biryani dishes are a specialty here, and the great options do not stop there. Here, you will find many lesser-known Indian seafood dishes to tuck into. Try the Shrimp Masala, a noteworthy dish packed with fresh prawns stewed in a hearty sauce of blended spices. If you are feeling in the mood for something Mediterranean, give one of the tandoori skewer dishes a try. These kebab-style skewers are cooked in a classic Indian clay tandoori oven for that unmistakable fall-off-the-bone touch.

Spice N Flavor

Located on North Jackson Avenue in San Jose, Spice N Flavor is a local favorite with lots to recommend it. This menu is packed with North Indian delicacies, including flavorful curries. They serve up lunch and dinner daily so you can satisfy your craving for Indian food in Santa Clara at either meal. They are also happy to cater meals with an advance notice of 24 hours.

Fans of goat mutton curry will love the Lamb/Mutton Curry Meal, a generous preparation of goat meat with onions, garlic, ginger, and a blend of garam masala and other spices. The meat is cooked till tender in the stew-like sauce and then served with a side of piping hot basmati rice; you can also choose three pieces of roti bread to go with your meal instead of rice. A vegetable side is included. Another popular option is the Vegetable Curry Meal. This dish features two vegetable preparations simmered with spices and served up with a side of fragrant basmati rice. This is a great option for vegetarians and for anyone who wishes to round out a meal with extra dishes.

Delivery Options Just for You makes it easy to order delivery for lunch or dinner. The site features full menus so you can easily see sides, appetizers, and dessert options from all your favorite restaurants. Explore the many flavors of North and South Indian cooking; the delivery network includes many of the most popular sources of Indian cuisine in the Santa Clara area. Delivery is a convenient choice for families and offices. Treat yourself and your family to great food any day of the week, or liven up that meeting with the help of tasty delivery options. If you are looking for a business pick-me-up, Ordering delivery is a convenient and simple way of thanking team members for their hard work and for fueling important planning meetings. Let bring great food to your door this week.

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