Greek Food in San Jose: Authentic Delights for Any Day of the Week!

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Sitting on the border of Asia Minor and the rest of the Mediterranean, Greece has mixed the best flavors of both worlds. The combination of fresh ingredients and flavorful spices has boosted the popularity of Greek food in San Jose. Choose between light meals like Greek salads or hearty entrees of beef and lamb. Vegetarians can also find meat-free dishes that aren’t an afterthought. This versatility makes it an exceptional option for to deliver to the office or to your family at home.

Greek Food in San Jose

Greek food delivered warm, fresh and delicious anytime you want it!


This family-owned restaurant features Greek food with a Turkish influence. Find familiar Mediterranean favorites such as the chicken shish plate or try rarer specialties such as the Beyti. This dish features minced chicken or lamb baked inside piping-hot flat bread with savory tomato sauce and tangy yogurt. The food is lovingly prepared by a husband and wife team with a combined 35 years of experience in the restaurant business.

For a balanced meal, consider the lamb and beef gyro plate. This Greek favorite features lamb and beef enhanced by aromatic spices and combined into one succulent meat. Cooking on a vertical spit provides gyros with a grilled outside and juicy interior. Try it paired with a side of tzatziki, a yogurt-based sauce with cucumber, mint, dill and a hint of garlic; or enjoy the meat by itself. The gyros are complemented by the refreshing taste of Mediterranean salad and a hint of sweetness from spiced rice.

Cafe Artemis

Named for the goddess of the hunt, Cafe Artemis invokes Greek culture with a sense of hospitality to the food. Cafe Artemis is known for the variety of dips and sauces used to increase the depth of flavor in your meal. The Meze Sampler to lets you try all these accompaniments with pita, grape leaves, and falafels. Enjoy traditional Greek foods such as the falafel wrap or stay nearer to home with the charcoal-grilled 16 oz porterhouse steak. Conveniently dine on healthy fare while eating some of the best Greek food in San Jose.

The chicken shish kebab is a common dish elevated by Cafe Artemis’s attention to detail. Cubes of marinated chicken are fire-grilled for just the right amount of char on the juicy flesh. The rich, spicy flavor of garlic is blended into a mild, creamy sauce that highlights the savory taste of chicken. Rice and bulgur are perfect for cleansing the palate or sopping up the flavorful juices of the meat. Sautéed vegetables are bright with subtle flavor and gentle cooking subtly alters the taste of the tomato. The food is light but filling, perfect for when you don’t want a heavy meal.

Cafe Nur

This Greek restaurant is committed to providing flavorful dishes made with only the freshest ingredients. The eatery’s decade and a half of experience with Greek food in San Jose shows in the unique approach it takes to cuisine. Cafe Nur is known for local favorites such as the moussaka. However, it also offers new takes on Mediterranean food that include Greek potato salad. Start your meal with appetizers such as the sigara boregi. This pastry is filled with feta cheese and parsley before being deep fried. After your entrée, don’t be afraid to indulge in sweet baklava, spongy kadayifi or creamy rizogola rice pudding.

A dish fit for the Greek king, the Alexander Kebab starts with the familiar lamb and beef of the gyro. Thin slices of the spiced meat are arranged over cubes of bread that soak up the appetizing tomato sauce. The acidity and smoothness of the sauce are perfect foils to the gaminess and spice of the meat. A creamy and gently sour yogurt sauce refreshes the palate between bites of richer food. Melted butter takes this dish over the top by creating balance with the zestier notes of tomato and yogurt.

Get Delicious Greek Food Delivered to You

Take a break from your day to relax and taste some unique flavors. makes it easy to appreciate the best Greek cuisine in San Jose in your home or workplace. See why the Greeks are the masters of roasting meat on charcoal grills and vertical spits. You can get a healthy vegetarian lunch or indulge in a bit of Mediterranean decadence. Enjoy the convenience of flavorful meals brought straight to you.


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