Foster City Food Near Me: Spice Up Your Routine!

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Have you gotten into a routine with your daily meals? If you want to add some variety to your diet, then you should check out all the restaurants Foster City has to offer. You can have delicious new meals delivered to your office or home for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack. You have a chance to try out excellent new cuisines you may have never otherwise eaten. Here is just a sampling of the restaurants that can serve as an answer to the question, “Where can I get appetizing Foster City food near me?”

Experience the powerful flavor combinations of a Greek Mediterranean salad with feta cheese, olives and peppers!

Sumac Mediterranean Grill

When Sumac Mediterranean Grill first opened its doors in 2015, it quickly earned a reputation for exquisite, authentic Mediterranean cuisine. This establishment derives its name from the sumac spice, which is a traditional spice used in numerous Middle Eastern dishes. This spice brings a balanced flavor, almost tasting like lemons without all the tartness, to any meal. This restaurant uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients in all of its offerings, so when you order from here, you can feel as though you are getting a true Mediterranean dining experience.

For an entrée that will have your mouth watering, you need to order the moussaka dish. You have your choice of either chicken or grilled lamb that comes with onions, parsley and the restaurant’s special spices. It comes served on a bed of freshly grilled, sliced eggplant. All of Sumac Mediterranean Grill’s entrees come with rice along with your choice of hummus or a salad. This restaurant also provides catering, so if you need to feed people for a wedding or corporate event, this is the place to turn to.

The Sandwich Spot

When you feel like biting into an expertly crafted sandwich, you need to order from The Sandwich Spot. This restaurant was first established in 2011, and since that time, it has become a staple of the Redwood City community. The owner of this establishment, David Kassouf, designed this restaurant from the ground up. It has expanded in amazing ways over the last few years. Although it initially offered 24 choices on the menu, it has grown to offer around 43 now. People from all over the Bay Area come here to enjoy delicious sandwiches.

This would be a great place to order from the next time you think, “I need some tasty Foster City food near me soon.” The great part about this restaurant is that the menu has options for all palates. For vegetarians or people who just want something a little healthy to munch on, there is the Mean Lean Veggie Machine Sandwich. It comes stacked high with avocado, black olives, carrots, cucumber, other veggies, lava sauce, hummus and your choice of cheese. For a complete meal, you can also order macaroni or potato salad.

Kaori Sushi & Sake Bar

Kaori Sushi & Sake Bar is the place to turn to in San Mateo for traditional Japanese dishes. This establishment has been serving sushi, traditional Japanese noodles and chicken katsu since its founding in 2016. The team at Kaori has always been passionate about the work they do, and they work tirelessly to ensure every customer gets a first-class experience. Once you get a taste of this place’s cuisine, you will always know how to answer, “Where should I get delicious Foster City food near me?”

There are numerous kinds of sushi rolls you can order, and you may want to think of getting a couple for your next meal. Two popular rolls with locals include the Alaskan roll and the zig zag roll. The Alaskan roll comes with six pieces of sushi filled with avocado, fresh salmon and tobiko. The zig zag roll consists of eight pieces filled with avocado, soft shell crab, tobiko and scallion along with a soy bean wrap. You can always expect the fish to be fresh because quality is what matters most to Kaori.

New, Intriguing Foods Delivered to Your Doorstep

Add some spice to your life with these excellent, exotic restaurants. You can find plenty of food in Foster City near you, but now you know which establishments are definitely worth ordering from for lunch or dinner. You can order from, and you will soon expect your food to arrive at your home or office. It is as simple as clicking a couple buttons and waiting for a delicious meal to be delivered to you.

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