Chinese Food in San Carlos: Try Something Tempting!

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Chinese food has been a staple of the Bay Area for well over a century now. There are numerous famous restaurants in San Francisco’s Chinatown, but even when you venture outside of that city, you can find incredible options for lunch or dinner. The best part is that with, delicious potstickers and chow mein can be delivered right to your home or office. With so many possibilities, you will find yourself ordering tasty Chinese food in San Carlos over and over again.

Try these delicious handmade Asian Pork Potstickers!

Young Can Wok

For tasty, authentic food, ordering from Young Can Wok is a real treat. Fresh ingredients are always on the menu, and with the collection of classic Chinese dishes, there is something new and delicious to try every time. If you want, you can order multiple dishes to share with the entire family. With numerous starters and entrees to choose from, you will never feel at a loss for what to eat.

One of the more unique dishes on the menu is the pumpkin prawns served with candied walnuts. The prawns themselves come lightly battered and then are quick-fried in a delicious, flavorful sauce. It all makes for a delightfully sweet entrée. For a starter, you cannot go wrong with the potstickers. You get six pieces if you order the vegetable potstickers and eight pieces if you opt for pork, and you can order them either steamed or pan-fried. Either way, you are in for a scrumptious meal.

Crouching Tiger Restaurant

Crouching Tiger Restaurant takes its name from a concept in Chinese culture. The “crouching tiger” describes an individual who does not actively show off his or her true power and ability. It comes from the Kung Fu art form, which entails intense training to strengthen one’s skills, body and mind. In a similar fashion, this establishment’s chefs have trained their minds and bodies to create appetizing Chinese dishes that have become renowned throughout the Bay Area. Whether you are in the mood for something simple or more complex. You can soon enjoy Chinese food in San Carlos that explores a variety of flavors.

This restaurant has been serving the community since 2008, and one of its most popular dishes for lunch is the double-cooked pork. This consists of sautéed pork slices served alongside black beans, scallions and cabbage. You have your choice of authentic fatty pork or lean pork, and it is cooked in a tasty, spicy sauce. It is also available as a gluten-free option, so make sure to ask about it if you are gluten-sensitive. This lunch special is available every day until 3:00 p.m. Make sure to place your order well ahead of time.

Inchin’s Bamboo Garden

For contemporary Chinese cuisine, Inchin’s Bamboo Garden is a mainstay within the Bay Area. This restaurant’s menu has a combination of both Chinese and Indian foods, so you should feel free to mix it up every now and then. This is a chain restaurant with locations found all over the United States. There are locations in Arizona, Oregon, North Carolina and more. You will enjoy the large menu here — the expansive selection of dishes is due to the fact China is a huge country, with each region offering different types of cuisines and styles of cooking. When looking for Chinese food in San Carlos, you can enjoy a wide variety here.

If you are in the mood for both a spicy and a vegetarian option, then you need to get the cauliflower manchurian. This dish comes with expertly prepared cauliflower along with onion, cilantro, celery, chili and soy. The cauliflower remains crunchy throughout preparation, and like every entrée you order from here, it comes with a serving of brown or white rice. Even if you do not ordinarily eat vegetarian, you can find this particular dish to be delicious and filling.

Find Incredible Chinese Food Today

Whether you want an entrée consisting of pork, chicken, seafood or vegetables, you will find something to love near you. Options for Chinese cuisine in San Carlos are extensive, and many of the restaurants you can order from for lunch or dinner use authentic recipes from China. delivers directly to your home or office, so the next time you are hungry, get food conveniently delivered to you quickly and efficiently.

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