Burlingame Food Near Me: A Doorstep Dinner Never Tasted So Good!

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Lunch or dinner, it’s good to break out of your cycle every now and then. There are so many fantastic restaurants around the Bay Area, you are doing yourself a disservice if you do not try as many as possible. Waiter.com makes it easy to get new, delicious food delivered to your office or house. What do you think of when you ask yourself, “Where is great Burlingame food near me?” From now on, the answer can be one of these excellent restaurants.

Flavorful chicken stir fry make a lunch you can’t beat!


A new and welcome addition to the Bay Area is Asya. This restaurant specializes in Thai and Japanese cuisine. The establishment recently moved locations, but it is still close enough for anyone in Burlingame to get delivery with prompt service. This is a popular restaurant to order from for vegetarians because you can get many of the dishes without meat. There are plenty of healthy options to fill you up and keep you going in the middle of the day.

One dish many customers have raved about is the drunken noodles. This meal consists of stir-fried flat rice noodles served along with garlic, yellow onions, basil, bell peppers, green beans and carrots. This is a great dish to order if it’s your first time eating Thai food because it still has many of the same flavors you are accustomed to. For a fully authentic Thai experience, you can round out your meal with a sweet Thai iced tea or a Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. Make Asya your go-to Thai restaurant any time you are in the mood for tasty noodles prepared fresh daily.

Galeotti’s Pizza

Since 1996, Galeotti’s Pizza has been serving delicious, authentic New York-style pizza. As in many traditional New York pizza joints, you can get pizza by the slice. However, you can also order a whole pie to get delivered to feed the entire family. In addition to pizza, this establishment also serves salads, subs, Stromboli and calzones. Pizza comes to many people’s minds when they think to themselves, “I want great Burlingame food near me.” For great pizza in the Bay Area, you should try Galeotti’s.

One of the best items to order from this establishment is the signature Galeotti pizza. You can get it as an extra-large pie to serve a lot of people. It comes with Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, onions and sautéed peppers. On the other hand, if there is a specific type of pizza you want, then you should feel free to create your own. You can get a pie as either a small or large, and you can pile it high with as many toppings as you want. Galeotti’s Pizza can become your friendly neighborhood pizza joint where you can also enjoy more upscale Italian dishes.

Spasso Restaurant

For traditional European cuisine, order from Spasso Restaurant. One aspect that sets this establishment apart is that the chefs only use the freshest seasonal vegetables in the dishes, as well as high-quality meats and seafood. The moment you take that first bite, you know you are tasting something that was prepared with love by hand that same day. When you order from here, you are getting a true “family” meal. Go to the menu as soon as you start thinking, “I want first-class Burlingame food near me.”

One of the most delectable items to order from Spasso is the seafood linguini. This ocean-inspired dish consists of manila clams, mussels, rock shrimp, scallops and pan-seared prawns. It also features seasonal fish, so depending on the time of year you order it, the dish will be slightly different. The linguini comes with spicy marinara sauce to give it a little kick, making for a wide range of flavors. While there are numerous Italian and European spots around the peninsula, you should definitely keep Spasso Restaurants in your regular rotation for quality Italian food.

A Wide Array of Cuisines Are Available for Delivery

From pizza to pad thai, you can get numerous types of foods delivered to your home or office. There is plenty of food in Burlingame near you; you just need to reach out and try them. With Waiter.com, ordering your food takes less than a minute, and you can soon relax with a delicious meal in no time.

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