Lettuce and Litigation: Overworked Attorneys Make the Change to Catered Healthy Meals

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You Are What You Eat: Painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

“You Are What You Eat!” Painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldo.
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

It’s not a crime to fall prey to turpitudinous delights like cheesecake or a triple fudge brownie once in a while, but they do more than just affect your waistline. However, as a legal professional, your brilliant mind is your tool and while you may be crazy for chocolate, eating too much junk food dulls your razor sharp thinking.

Remember the “Twinkie defense”? Eating a Twinkie now and again never killed anyone, or caused anyone to kill, but they can be an artery clogging disaster. It could also signal that you need to de-stress and feed your body and mind something nutritious.

I’ve worked with a lot of attorneys and I’ve discussed cases over lunch and dinner. Maybe it is an occupational hazard of people who put in ten or 12 hours a day, but healthy food was rarely on the menu. I’m not surprised that a typical attorney diet consists of coffee, more coffee, and whatever is handy.

Share some Sushi with your Staff

Share some sushi with your staff. Image courtesy of Michael Saechang

The Legal Community Champions a Healthy Lifestyle

There are plenty of challenges when it comes to practicing law and healthy eating habits, but you can do it. According to the Center for Creative Leadership, a study showed that 64 percent of the lawyers surveyed wished that their law firm would be more supportive of health and wellness initiatives, including providing healthier meals. Having healthy food delivered to the office allows you to plan your meals in advance, which can save you from making spontaneous choices that may not be the most nutritious.

According to Healthylawyers.org, an initiative to promote healthy living for those in the legal profession, the top two killers for lawyers are heart disease and cancer. Both of these may be prevented by leading a healthier lifestyle. When your well-being is on the line, it’s time to make better food choices a top priority.

Michelle Obama promotes healthy eating for all Americans

Michelle Obama promotes healthy eating for all Americans.
Image source: USDA.gov

If you really want to know all you can about living a healthy lifestyle, you should check out their website and attend the Healthy Lawyer conference in Los Angeles on March 9, 2014. Some of the leading nutritionists and doctors will be speaking at the conference. Seminars include topics with fascinating titles like,  “Vitamin D Deficiencies: A Misdemeanor that Can Turn into a Felony –Reversing it Naturally”.

Leading Attorneys Share Their Tips for Healthy Meal Planning

Luckily, this dangerous trend is already beginning to change. More and more law professionals are opting to make healthy food choices a central part of their lives, as evidenced by the number of lawyers taking time to blog about food in their minimal free time.

Josh Camson is a criminal defense attorney with Camson Rigby, LLC, in Washington, PA, who blogs about the challenge of eating healthy meals at Lawyerist.com. Attorney and best-selling author Michael Finley loves those special family meals, but he has tips on healthy food choices for the holidays, and Mary Johanna McCurley of the firm McCurley, Orsinger, McCurley, Nelson & Downing in Dallas, Texas also provides tips on healthy eating in Family Lawyer Magazine.


Create a Healthier Lifestyle Today With Waiter.com

Take a cue from these fellow lawyers and start making healthy changes today. Skip the steak and go veggie for a day with a Baja Fiesta Salad full of wonderful ingredients like papaya, avocado, roasted corn salsa, cucumber, cilantro, tortilla strips and ginger-papaya vinaigrette. Try a bowl of vegetarian chili if you want something more substantial.

Skip the meat and try delicious and filling vegetarian chili

Skip the meat and try delicious and filling vegetarian chili.
Image courtesy of Sleepyneko

If your assistant has the local pizza place on speed dial, maybe it is time to give her a new number to call. For healthier choices, turn to Waiter.com. They even have a Virtual Cafeteria Service so that each individual in your practice can choose their own meals for regular delivery. If the person designated with ordering the food is running out to file documents or do research, they can also stop and order from our app.

Bring your work family together over a meal of fresh and enticing food delivered to your lunch room. Waiter.com is the premier on-line restaurant ordering service serving the San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Dallas, Chicago and Raleigh regions. We collaborate with over 1,300 restaurants to deliver a variety of dietary choices and ethnic feasts.

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