Don’t Blame Corporate Catering: 4 Everyday Mistakes that Derail Healthy Eating

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Having trouble eating healthy at the office? Don’t blame the birthday cupcakes or the corporate catering.

birthday cupcakes at the office

Occasional cupcakes do less damage than daily bad habits in the office.
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When people complain about how hard it is to meet their diet goals at the office, it’s always the special occasion treats that take the blame. And while cupcakes, lavish catered lunches, and the occasional celebratory pizza party are the biggest temptations to forget all your good intentions, there are far more frequent roadblocks we encounter every day.

Instead of obsessing over occasional pitfalls, watch out for these everyday habits that could be affecting your dietary goals:

Not enough protein and fiber

When a corporate catering order arrives, do you skip the sandwiches and try to convince yourself that a side salad is all you need? You may be missing out on the protein and fiber you need to feel full and satisfy your hunger… which can easily lead to a mid-afternoon trip to the vending machine to soothe your growling stomach. Make sure your greens are supplemented with a fiber-rich whole grain, like brown rice or quinoa, or several spoonfuls of chickpeas for plenty of protein.

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Choose a healthier snack for longer-lasting energy.
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Seeing snacking as the enemy

The dream of the ’90s is alive in many offices: the concept that snacking is bad for you. That fat-phobic decade’s legacy of bad diet advice has left many of us feeling as though we should eat only at mealtimes, and anything in between will undermine our diet efforts. However, many nutritionists recommend eating healthy, high-protein snacks to help maintain our energy levels throughout the day. An apple and a tablespoon of almond butter or a handful of nuts is your friend… even though both contain a little fat.

wall of diet soda cans

Don’t trick your brain into craving sugar by drinking diet soda all day.
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Drinking diet soda

If you sip on soda during the workday – even the diet variety – you could be setting your appetite up for failure. One recent study showed that overweight adults who drank diet soda ate more calories than those who drank regular soda, raising interesting questions about how artificial sweeteners might affect the reward centers in the brain. Our appetites might be triggered by tasting sweetness without actually getting additional sugar in our bloodstreams. In any case, if you can transition to drinking unsweetened iced tea or water with a slice of fruit instead, you can avoid the potential pitfalls of a diet soda habit.

Eating at your desk

The best thing you can do to cultivate healthier eating habits at the office? Get away from your desk. Eating lunch in front of your computer makes you prone to mindless eating: you won’t even be aware you’ve polished off that entire sandwich until only the wrapper is left as evidence. Stand up, stretch a little, and sit in the break room or on a sunny park bench as you eat your lunch. You’ll be able to enjoy the flavor of your food and feel more satisfied… which is kind of the point of eating in the first place.

The easiest way to eat healthy at work? Make sure you have plenty of real, wholesome food within reach! Work with your office’s admin assistant or meal coordinator to incorporate more vegetables, whole grains, and fruits into the corporate catering plan or business lunch routine. You’ll find a wide variety of healthy foods just a click away at, the food delivery service that will quickly become your greatest ally in your quest for healthy office dining!

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